401k Plan Information for Current and Former BA Employees

September 2013

At the bottom of this page are links to the 401k documents.

Hello, we are happy to share with you exciting news about the BA 401k Plan!

First, attached is the 2012 Summary Annual Report that employers are asked to provide to you each year.

Second, Effective November 1st , there will be 10 new funds to choose from in the 401k line-up. See the attached letter with information about them. Also attached is a fee disclosure notice about internal fees of the new funds that are part of the costs to manage the funds. These fees are already accounted for when fund performance percentages are posted, i.e. they reduce the total proceeds or earnings for the funds before the returns are posted.

Also, two funds that haven’t performed as well as others that are available will be frozen to new investments as of November 1, 2013, and deleted from the line-up as of December 1st:

  • Fidelity Emerging Markets &
  • Fidelity Disciplined Equity.

The attached notice explains how as of November 1st these two funds will be frozen and anyone with balances still in them will be moved over to a similar fund that is hoped to be a better performing one in December. If you have investments in one of these funds, feel free to call Fidelity about moving the funds before November 1st or waiting and letting them be moved over to the new fund. You may also want to change your current investment elections to stop additional monies going into the fund now, if you wish. You can contact Fidelity at 1-800-835-5097—they are very knowledgeable and very happy to help.

Another new option will be the Participant Advisory Service at Work option. For a modest fee (currently 1% or less), you can sign up to have professional managers manage your investments. You work with them to determine a strategy and your risk preferences, and they then manage the funds for you. At anytime you can opt-out if you elect not to continue. Take a look at the information to learn more.

These steps are part of our efforts to offer a 401k plan and options that are rewarding and helpful in your retirement planning.

Employees who have a BA email address may receive this message at work and via their personal email address—thanks for your patience! And should your personal email address change, please advise me of your new one.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 617-734-5600,  x2123.

Gloria Richmond
HR Manager

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