2018 Annual Appeal




November 2018

Dear Friends,

We are deeply grateful to Mary Baker Eddy for bringing out the need to establish an institution where those seeking healing through Christian Science would find refuge, loving care, encouragement, and support for healing. The Christian Science Board of Directors noted the increased demand for such an institution in the following excerpt from their Editorial “The Christian Science Benevolent Association,” published in the October 7, 1916 Christian Science Sentinel:

  “Those who were in personal touch with our Leader know that she recognized and often spoke of the need, at this period of the demonstration of Christian Science, for properly conducted institutions where those seeking relief through Christian Science might find such care and attention as would assist in their recovery.
“Although temporarily delayed, this Board has not lost sight of its obligation to found this work for which the demand has so definitely and rapidly increased, but has only awaited the time which seemed right for carrying out the project.”

Today, the Christian Science nursing services of the Benevolent Association continue to be in great demand, both by those seeking care at our facility and those calling upon our visiting service for Christian Science nursing in the home. As we near a century since the opening of the Benevolent Association, we are deeply grateful for the provision of this institution and others throughout the world and for the many healings experienced with the support of Christian Science nursing. This familiar statement by Mrs. Eddy speaks to the perpetuity of the spiritual idea that this institution represents: “Its beginning will be meek, its growth sturdy, and its maturity undecaying” (Science and Health, p. 463).
At the heart of all the activities of the BA is our commitment to healing and actively bearing witness to Christ, Truth. We are including with this letter a small booklet with healings supported by the Christian Science nursing services of the BA. These testimonies were originally published in The Christian Science Journal or the Christian Science Sentinel, or were shared directly with the BA. They are a preview of a larger collection of healings that we will be sharing in 2019. They represent fruits of healing witnessed at the BA, and demonstrate the essential place that Christian Science nursing has in our Church. We hope you find them inspiring.
As we look to the next century of service, we are grateful to be debt-free and building a sustainable financial foundation. We are working to increase our staff for Christian Science nursing as well as other departments of the BA. We are grateful for the utilization of our campus and for its continued blessings for all who come to the BA. Progress is being made toward funding critical maintenance projects for the buildings and outdoor areas of our campus.
We are also working with foundations and major donors on our long-term goal to endow our Christian Science Nurses Training School.
We continue to maintain a very lean budget to help replenish our financial reserves. In 2019 these reserves will be called upon to replace the air conditioning system for the Christian Science Nursing Building as well as to fund other major repair projects.
Your support of the BA continues to be an important part of providing our Christian Science nursing services and training program. Each year, 30% of the income needed to provide our services and training comes from contributions. Your gift is important. We are most grateful for your continued support.
Your gift will help ensure that the ministry of Christian Science nursing is readily available wherever it is needed.
Thank you for your generous support of this healing activity of Church and its embrace of mankind.

With sincere gratitude,

Cynthia Borden Ritz Janiva Toler
President Executive Director

P.S. Please consider joining the 2019 Sustaining Circle or renewing your membership by giving $84 per month (for 12 months) or $1,000 or more. You will be helping to provide an important financial foundation for our Christian Science nursing services.