Annual Appeal: “Quiet resting places”




November 2017


A Refuge for Healing

Dear Friends:

We are indeed grateful for the promised Comforter that is present with us, affording proof and sweet assurance to all that “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Psalms 46:1)

For nearly a century, those in need of healing have found the Benevolent Association to be a place of refuge in time of need, providing an uplifted atmosphere for Christian Science healing.

As the idea for such a refuge unfolded to Mary Baker Eddy, she began communicating with the Christian Science Board of Directors about the work of establishing “a Christian Science resort for the so-called sick.”

While this was not completed during the time Mrs. Eddy was personally with us, the Christian Science Board of Directors continued to work with the unfoldment of this idea and announced the establishment of the Benevolent Association on October 7, 1916.

Many articles in the periodicals at the time of the founding of the Benevolent Association speak of its purpose of healing. Annie M. Knott writes in her article, “Quiet resting places,” published in 1922 in the Christian Science Sentinel:

  “In thinking upon the need for higher and clearer views of existence, we may well recall the Master’s words to his disciples, ‘Come ye yourselves apart into a desert place, and rest a while.’ Our beloved Leader, with her wise foresight of what would best meet this need, characterized the home of the Benevolent Association as a place to which invalids ‘can go and recruit’ (Sentinel, October 7, 1916). Hence the provision of a quiet resting place, adapted to human need at this period of world upheaval.”

We are grateful for the healings experienced through the decades by so many who have found refuge at the BA. Today the BA remains a haven for those in need of healing and care, and those coming for spiritual refreshment and quiet study. It is home to many workers for the Cause who cherish this atmosphere and this community of like-minded Christian Scientists. It also provides a refuge for those preparing for this healing ministry where they can give devoted attention to the spiritual study and work of learning the art of Christian Science nursing.

As has always been true, the Benevolent Association requires the loving care and conse-crated prayer of the Field. The fruits of your metaphysical work and loving attention are evident in the healing and spiritual growth experienced by countless individuals. We also are deeply grateful for your generosity which makes it possible to continue our services and maintain our annual budget.

We continue to work within a lean budget, and as additional funds are available we will make much needed repairs and upgrades to our buildings and outdoor campus. As a yearly financial goal we need to raise $2.3 million in contributions to help fund our Christian Science nursing services and Christian Science nurses training. This current annual appeal helps fund that yearly goal. In addition to the need for these yearly contributions, we are continuing to work to meet our mid-range goal of raising $15M in order to begin to endow the Christian Science Nurses Training School ($12M) and fund reserves and some capital improvements ($3M).

Words are inadequate to express the deep love and appreciation we have for your unselfish prayers and support. Our gratitude abounds for what we have seen of God’s love in recent years, especially evident to us this past year.

We look forward to much progress in the coming year and to witnessing the continued blessings that the Comforter is bringing to all mankind.

With great appreciation,

Cynthia Borden Ritz Janiva's Signature for letters
Cynthia Borden Ritz Janiva Toler
President Executive Director


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