Paths to this healing ministry

Emily and Heather share their journeys to the ministry of Christian Science nursing

  Emily Reynolds Smith explains why she decided to apply to the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training School. Click here to watch her video.



  Heather Worley describes her journey to the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing, and how it supports Christian Science healing.


Thoughts about training at the BA

 Adria, Kristin, and Jen describe their experiences in the BA’s training school

  Adria Johnson, a Christian Science nurse  from the Midwest, talks about her appreciation for the side-by-side mentoring that she received as part of the BA’s training program.

    Kristin Palkoner recently graduated from the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts program.  Click the play button below to hear her honest impressions of the training and mentoring she received.

    Jennifer Francis, in the audio clip below, explains to the BA’s Monty Haas what she expected versus what she experienced in the Christian Science Nursing Arts training program.


Christian Science nursing and healing

Kathy talks about healing, and Matt shares a testimony

  Kathy Glover, Director of Christian Science Nursing Services at the BA, talks about healing and the supporting role of a Christian Science nurse.

  Hear a dad tell how his daughter Alma was cared for by Christian Science nurses following an accident, and how that care supported Alma’s healing…