Readers write: 100 years with countless blessings

logo 2 blackThousands of workers, guests, patients, Christian Science nurses, volunteers, and others have been blessed by the BA’s healing mission over the years. As the Benevolent Association celebrates a century of Christian Science nursing and healing, we are inviting anyone familiar with the BA to share their own inspirational anecdotes, cherished memories, and healing experiences that exemplify their appreciation. Below is another sampling of the many wonderful reminiscences we have received so far.

020598_051905_Original Bldg Exterior_hi_0011I worked in the front office of the BA while I was a student at Babson College in 1980 and 1981, getting my MBA. I was just getting back into my study of Christian Science and regular church attendance, after several lapsed years during college. The BA staff were shining examples to me of what living and practicing Christian Science is all about. The qualities they expressed stood out to me as something special, and as qualities I wanted to express in my own life. Leading by example, they helped me grow forward to being a better reflection of my Father-Mother God.

One instance serves as an example of this.  I so enjoyed [working with the Office Manager], her humor, joy and enthusiasm, as she capably managed the office. She knew I was a student struggling to work part-time while attending school full-time, in order to pay rent and expenses, and was putting myself through school. One day as I was leaving work, she had another staff member give me an envelope as she herself was leaving. In it was $200 as I recall. When I was able to thank her profusely the next day, I recall that she said when she was young and in a similar situation, someone had showed this same kindness to her. All she asked was that I also find opportunities in my life to help others out of gratitude for this kindness.

I have thought of this instance often, and have indeed looked for opportunities to help others. It made quite an impression on me. I have also grown to the realization that it is in giving that we receive our own supply, demonstrating God as the eternal source of all we need. And a final note, it was also at the BA that I learned about class instruction; I had never heard of that before. As I recall my various work experiences over the years, I think back fondly of my time at the BA, and how much I learned about being a better person, a better Christian Scientist, and a better reflection of God.

-Martha L.

080905_Resident nwsltr photos_hi_0001Ever since spending two days at Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association over Easter weekend in 1982, Christian Science Nurses have been my heroes. I had broken an elbow while falling on the ice. Although it was in a cast, the CS nurses were able to give me a shower and wash my hair, my first of both in several days. I had actually spent the previous two nights in a hospital, but not given any medical treatment or medications. I was under the care of a Christian Science practitioner. After a fellow church member drove me to the BA, I was given the best care ever! I just love how the Christian Science nurses just weren’t impressed by any of it. And it all led to a much quicker healing than anyone expected, well, except for the practitioner and the Christian Science nurses.

Bless you for being there, Benevolent Association! And for the loving care of Christian Science Nurses who see only the man that God made even while caring for the human need.

-Jan T.

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  1. Dave Horn says:

    Thanks for these beautiful memories.

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