A refuge for healing—testimonies from the early years of the BA

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Next year marks a 100-year milestone since the BA first opened its doors in 1919. In recognition of the loving and devoted work of Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science nurses over the years, we’d like to highlight a few of the many healing testimonies shared by those who have been blessed by this refuge. Below is a small selection with links to the original testimonies published in the Christian Science Sentinel and The Christian Science Journal in the BA’s first two decades: 

“a feeling of deep gratitude for the beautiful healing I had”

By Mary Mather Garland
From the March 1937 issue of The Christian Science Journal
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“Grateful am I for the sanatorium and for each worker there…”
By Elsie Adams Hunter
From the August 10, 1929 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel
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“I am grateful to God, to Christ Jesus, the Way-shower, to our dear Leader, and to the practitioner who stood by faithfully during this experience.”
By Augusta Hiler
From the September 1935 issue of The Christian Science Journal
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