BA’s atmosphere results in permanent healing…

East Orange, N. J.
November 25, 1944

Dear Friends:

…According to the doctor’s diagnosis, this was a case of arthritis in its very worst form, which yielded to Christian Science treatment very slowly at first. But the surrounding atmosphere of Truth and Love which so permeates in and around the Benevolent Association, combined with the lectures, the beautiful readings and everything that is done for the comfort and convenience of the guests, all played their part in enabling me to see the nothingness of error and the Allness of God.

I was able to walk all over the grounds without any discomfort whatsoever. I am also grateful to be able to say that this condition has never returned.

I have thanked God and Christian Science many times for making such a place possible where Truth and Love are so prominent that no discord of whatsoever nature can survive.

Most sincerely,


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  1. Susan says:

    This is a lovely healing and healing is all that is going on at the BA, in our movement and our world, despite what matter says. And Mrs. Eddy’s vision, supported by Mrs. Longyear’s insights to start the BA, are fulfilled — always have been — always will be. “In atmosphere of Love divine, we live and move and breathe…” I too have felt this healing influence while working and staying at the BA, and it supports me and my practice today. The people I met at the BA, the insights I gained, the inspirations I felt, all contribute to my growth spiritward. And it was while working at the BA one summer as a college student, that I took class instruction. So brava, bravo, BA, for all you contribute to our holy Cause. Much love . . .

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