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logo 2 blackThousands of people have made some kind of connection with the BA over the years. As we prepare to celebrate a century of Christian Science nursing and healing, we are asking everyone familiar with the BA to share their own inspirational anecdotes, cherished memories, and healing experiences that exemplify their appreciation for the BA. Below is a small sampling of the many wonderful reminiscences we have received so far.


West View of the BA - Archive HealingIt’s been a special joy for me to play the BA organ for church services and meetings over many years, and to work with the gardening team in maintaining the beauty of the outdoor space.
But it’s the people with whom I’ve been associated—staff, nurses, and residents—who have best captured the spirit of love and healing that I treasure above all else.
For about fifteen years my husband and I enjoyed Sunday lunch with a group of residents who became family to us. They were full of fun and could never find enough words to express their gratitude for their beautiful “home.” They gave detailed reports on every activity and on every bud and bloom they had seen during their walks through the gardens. Their excitement bubbled over. “Discovery” and “adventure” epitomized their lives.
I was often inspired by the residents’ spiritual progress and healings. They lived their faith. And, now, whenever a disgruntled reaction or impatience tempts me, I hear the favorite phrase of one dear resident, “It’s not worth leaving the Kingdom for!” And another resident left me with this message, which is unforgettable. “Thy will be done. Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.”

-Bobbi S.

My first memories of the BA are of visiting my grandmother there when she stayed as a guest each year during her association. I always loved visiting because it is such a joy-filled environment. Everyone smiles and says “Hi” and there is wonderful sense of community!
Ongoing since 1997, I’ve enjoyed being a volunteer at the BA , reading to patients or reading church services, on the nursing floor . No matter how busy I am or what challenges I feel like I’m facing, stepping into the BA to volunteer lifts the weight and brings a sense of peace and dominion. What a healing atmosphere!
I have also gotten out-patient care at the BA on two occasions; in both cases the care was so tenderly administered, so skillfully given! Each healing came very quickly under the expert care of the Christian Science Nurses and with the help of a Christian Science Practitioner.
I’m so grateful for the healing services and love the BA provides!

-Sue H.

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