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The Benevolent Association wants to share in the joyous recognition of 100 years since its establishment.  We are asking former employees, patients, volunteers, Christian Science nurses — and any friends who have had some connection with us — to write down inspirational anecdotes, cherished memories, and healing experiences that exemplify your appreciation for the BA.

Please join with others as we all celebrate the BA’s ongoing support of the worldwide healing ministry of Christian Science nursing. Simply submit your comments in the box below, or send an email to

We are deeply grateful for every individual who has touched the BA in their own way, and for the mutual blessings received.


Please share your reminiscences about the BA!
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6 Responses to Share your memories of the BA

  1. My first memories of the BA are of visiting my grandmother there when she stayed as a guest each year during her association. I always loved visiting because it is such a joy-filled environment. Everyone smiles and says “Hi” and there is wonderful sense of community!

    Ongoing since 1997, I’ve enjoyed being a volunteer at the BA , reading to patients or reading church services, on the nursing floor . No matter how busy I am or what challenges I feel like I’m facing, stepping into the BA to volunteer lifts the weight and brings a sense of peace and dominion. What a healing atmosphere!

    I have also gotten out-patient care at the BA on two occasions; in both cases the care was so tenderly administered, so skillfully given! Each healing came very quickly under the expert care of the Christian Science Nurses and with the help of a Christian Science Practitioner.

    I’m so grateful for the healing services and love the BA provides!

  2. Jan T says:

    Ever since spending two days at the Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association over Easter weekend in 1982, Christian Science Nurses have been my heroes. I had broken an elbow while falling on the ice. Although it was in a cast, the CS nurses were able to give me a shower and wash my hair, my first of both in several days. I had actually spent the previous two nights in a hospital, but not given any medical treatment or medications. I was under the care of a Christian Science practitioner. After a fellow church member drove me to the BA, I was given the best care ever! I just love how the CS nurses just weren’t impressed by any of it. And it all led to a much quicker healing than anyone expected, well, except for the practitioner and the CS nurses.

    Bless you for being there, CHBA! And for the loving care of Christian Science Nurses who see only the man that God made even while caring for the human need.

  3. Anonymous says:

    February 28, 2016

    A couple of sweet memories from time spent at the BA:
    One afternoon shortly before needing to get ready for work, I felt unwell and was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to handle my duties as a Christian Science nurse. There was no time to get a sub. After praying while preparing for work, I still felt unwell. Just before heading out my door I called a practitioner, briefly explained, and said I needed a quick healing. She laughed saying no one had ever asked for help quite that way before. I laughed too, headed out my door, and before many minutes had passed I was free, joyfully nursing without any thought of the prior problem.

    “Gosh, I’m tired. I can hardly wait to get into bed!” That’s not a thought I’d normally entertain but one night just before the end of a busy 8 hours of nursing, that’s what I found myself thinking. Moments later the supervisor approached me and asked if I would consider staying an additional 8 hours, explaining there was an unexpected need for an extra nurse to work from 11 PM to 7 AM and I seemed the most likely candidate. Quickly turning to God for direction, I could see I was the right person to stay and that I could trust God to give me exactly what I needed to do the work happily and well. That, of course, proved to be the case.
    This incident deepened my trust in God’s practical help and my understanding of nursing, not as a humanly executed set of activities, but as the reflected manifestation of God’s loving care for His children, supported by the divine law of harmony—not based on personal capacities and abilities but on God-given support and direction. The tangible love and appreciation I felt from those around me was an added and dear bonus.

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