Thanks and Gratitude for a “Spiritual Awakening” at the BA

CHBA main hall vintage photo

Columbus, Ga
October 21, 1938

Dear Mr. Fletcher:

I shall be very happy to have you refer to the healing which I experienced at [the BA] in October 1936 of intestinal influenza, a stomach and bowel disorder and hemorrhoids.

I am very grateful for the physical healing but still more grateful for the spiritual awakening. The gentle love, patience and kindness expressed by every associate as well as by my dear practitioner touched my heart and made me receptive to the healing work.

Our [BA] is a haven of rest and peace and brings us a dearer meaning of our Leader’s words “O gentle presence, peace and joy and power.” — Some of that atmosphere goes home with all of us!

I want to tell you that my visit there and healing was directly responsible for four more people visiting there for rest and study, three from Columbus and one from Savannah, Ga. Two of these three have been back again and a third is going to [Arden Wood] in California in two weeks.

Hope to visit there again sometime!

Friendships made there are so sweet and bring so much happiness.

Thanks and much gratitude to those who made it possible for me to enjoy this wonderful privilege at half price. I pray that I may do as much good for someone.

Sincere good wishes to all our [BA] workers.

Mrs. E.R.D.

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  1. Lois Morris says:

    Dear Chesnut Hill Staff and Guests:
    I am so grateful too – for my two stays at Chesnut Hill. Although both were termed rest and study – a clear, important healing took place during the first visit. The second longer stay was lovely too. The staff are precious as is the institution itself. I loved gong to the garden and was thrilled at sighting five turkeys. Having the beautiful, differing environs of the building available was fantastic, to be in – and access to the literature – were gifts outright. It was delightful and exciting to be there during a Chistian Science nursing training period. I so admire the nurses – and all staff. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Lois Morris

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