7,000 miles to the BA

Christian Science nurses training school graduation

Next month, on Sunday, March 13, eleven nurses will celebrate the completion of the Christian Science Nursing Arts program. Each of the graduates can tell of overcoming doubts and fears and growing in their understanding of God. Each nurse has come to more deeply appreciate the Church Manual provision, Christian Science Nurse, Article VIII, Sect. 31. In the words of one of the graduates, Adria Johnson, “I have so much gratitude and love for the Christian Science Nursing Arts [program]. It continually points me to look to Principle, not person, in all that I do and think, and has changed my view of nursing from deeds of human kindness to understanding nursing as the demonstration of Love meeting every human need.”


Bonnie Treworgy grew up in Urbana, Illinois and was deeply impressed by the care and treatment that family members received from Christian Science nurses. She chose nursing to bless the world and support Christian healing. Listen to Bonnie share her thoughts about the essential qualities of the Christian Science nurse , and how Christian Science nursing has given her a deeper focus on reflecting divine Love in caring for her fellowman…



Reagan L’lembe was born and raised in Kenya in East Africa. A dramatic healing of a long-standing physical problem brought Reagan into Christian Science in his teens and he felt led to participate in this healing ministry. He was prayerfully led to choose the BA for his training, and speaks with us about how the skilled mentoring in the Christian Science Nurses Training School at the BA confirmed that he had chosen exactly what he needed. Listen to Reagan L’lembe share how the dedicated and skilled mentors at the BA, as well as the classroom instructors, have supported and been an inspiration to him in his developing practice of Christian Science nursing…

6 Responses to 7,000 miles to the BA

  1. Joy Carr says:

    Thank you for helping us to know the graduates a little better. I appreciated hearing both Bonnie’s and Reagan’s comments. And I am looking forward to attending their graduation in March.

  2. Maryl Walters says:

    I loved hearing from our future nurses–thanks Bonnie and Reagan. And congratulations–wish I could be there on graduation day.

  3. Colleen says:

    What a great blessing for all. Thank you for your deep commitment to the healing power of Christian Science. Congratulations.

  4. Your Friend says:

    Thank you Bonnie & Reagan for always setting the example of what a CS nurse is. You both express wonderful nursing qualities that I cherish so much and I appreciate how much you both have mentored me over the years. Gratitude. Big hugs from your friend!!

  5. Susan says:

    Bonnie and Reagan, you don’t know how good it is to hear your familiar–and dulcet!–voices, and to learn of your growth in nursing’s graces.

    When my mom was at the BA in the fall of ’08, you were both working there (I guess you must have been in training, with mentors). I observed how gently, kindly, and calmly you each express your spirituality, with patients and with their family members.

    I trust the divine qualities you bring to your nursing career will enrich many affections!

    Oh, I have to mention, Bonnie, that no more than an hour ago a friend who is from another country told me she can’t count on people in her culture showing up on time. Something in me rebelled at the notion that any child of Principle could possibly be late. I told her that we can say cease-and-desist to that false claim right now–not put up with it for another minute (or even a second!). I’m going to share these audios with her; she will love what you said about throwing off labels, such as a tendency to not be punctual.


  6. Mrs. M. Janet Hope (Miss Dakin when I trained at the BA) says:

    Thank you both so much. You take me back to my own time and graduation – such a proud and humble day. I gained so much from that BA training, in my nursing and later. You would think that obstetrics, for example, would be of little use on my return to England, since it couldn’t be used here without medical training as well,but the lessons learned have been priceless. And the motto of the whole three years – “Think it through” – has never stopped being of benefit. I feel sure that your dedication will bless you all your lives too, and those whom you help along the way.

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