[audio] A Christian Science Nurse and His Music

Qualities that Bring Harmony and Healing

David Sand describes qualities that a Christian Science nurse brings to every situation as “the strength of Principle and the tenderness of Love.” He loves his job as a Christian Science nurse at the BA, and music is a big part of his life too. In this audio David shares his thoughts on the qualities required of a nurse by Mary Baker Eddy in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, he talks about his music, and shares some samples of his compositions…

12 Responses to [audio] A Christian Science Nurse and His Music

  1. Char says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on Christian Science nursing, and your music, David. What a blessing both have been to the BA and the field. Looking forward to hearing more of your music on Sept 16th at Longyear Museum!

  2. Creatures says:

    I felt like I was getting some needed, nourishing care just by listening to David’s interview, and the music accompanying it.

    I remember how tenderly he cared for my mom — and how his serenity, cheerful smile, and patience pervaded the hallways and nursing station, not to mention the patients’ rooms.

  3. Herb Dresser says:

    Thanks so much for those inspiring thoughts! It’s great to be able to hear you and other nurses on these interviews. You all deserve “gold medals” for your dedication and wonderful service to God and humanity!
    With warm regards,
    Hi to Pam!

  4. Nancy Boswell Forest says:

    Dear David!

    What a wonderful expression you are of God’s tender love and strength! And of course your music is such an added blessing to all who hear it; it continues to be very dear to my heart.

    And for those who may be wondering who that voice was singing in that song, “Not Found,” that was the beautiful June Thompson!

    With Love,
    Nancy B

  5. Christine says:

    Lovely healing thoughts and deeds – thank you, David and all! So grateful for the work and workers at the BA and for the Christ light and care which is blessing all!

  6. Linda Cain says:

    Thank you for what you shared about Christian Science Nursing. I know it will help broaden an understanding of what Christian Science Nurses bring to every nursing situation.

    We are grateful to have you and your music here at the BA.

  7. Sue says:

    This was a truly inspiring interview, enhanced by the interviewer! Thank you so much for sharing this, and for all the fresh and new views it brings out about nursing. Also, I plan to purchase the CD!

  8. Margery says:

    Loved hearing your perspective on C.S. nursing and on music. The CD “Coat of Many Colors” is my favorite children’s CD. The music is of such a high quality, and the lyrics flow naturally, clearly and are inspirational and instructive. Thank you, David!

  9. Cheryl Lester says:

    I really enjoyed this interview about CS nursing and your music – thank you!

  10. faye jordan Titus says:

    Dear David,
    What wonderful insights to CS nursing , The wonderful seeing, being and doing that you are giving in your indvidual expression of the Truth, Life and Love that is the Christ actively healing and I can not wait to go and purchase the music that you and friend have shared which is without a doubt going to be uplifting blessing to add to my collection of hymns and albums. Thanks for your sharing!

    Lovingly ,

    Faye Jordan Titus

  11. Carmen Miller says:

    Thank you David what a wonderful healing view of Christian Science Nursing.
    Thank you for fulfilling those qualities so well.

    Say Hi to Pam

    PS I love your CD

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