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January 11 – February 4
June 14 – July 8



“I realized the very sacred and important role of the Christian Science nurse in the healing ministry…” 

This comment is from a participant in one of our Introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts courses. The instruction in the classroom, along with the participants’ individual study of the Bible and the revelation of Christian Science, imparts vision about, and gives definition to, this Church ministry.

Our class schedule is a full one this year, and it includes teaching a second Introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts course this August. We welcome students of Christian Science who are members of The Mother Church to apply for this course. Participants receive much shepherding and guidance as they learn more about this holy ministry in the classroom. They also work side by side with experienced Christian Science nurses supporting healing as they respond to the needs of their fellow-man with Christian Science nursing. 

For information and other class dates click here, send an email to, or call 617-734-5600 and ask for Carol Worley. 

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