Congratulations to the Graduates!


Christian Science Nursing Arts

April 2019 Graduation

 Join us in honoring Christian Science Nursing Arts graduates as they
continue forward in their spiritual journey in this holy work.

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70 Responses to Congratulations to the Graduates!

  1. Sheila Muters says:

    Congratulations and Thank you to all of the 2019 CHBA Nursing graduates. What wonderful blessings will be brought to the world through your unselfish service and care.

  2. Soaring Dove says:

    You are all SO BEAUTIFUL, dear CS Nurse Graduates. Thank you so much for your steadfast study and practice which have enabled you to graduate. You will continue to bless so many through your work as a Christian Science Nurse. CONGRATULATIONS and Abundant Christly LOVE for each one of you!!!!

  3. janet Brown says:

    congratulations to all the graduates! Thank you for your willingness to serve this great Cause!

  4. I’m so happy for all of you! I just got back from visiting Wide Horizon, the Christian Science nursing facility in Colorado. Every time I’m there I so appreciate the dedication of the Christian Science nurses. I know you all have those same qualities of efficiency, kindness, intelligence, and so on.

    Thanks for your willingness to be part of this movement. Well done, good and faithful servants! 🙂

    Much love to all of you!

  5. Julia Reuter says:

    Words fail to express how proud I am of you all and how much your work is appreciated. You, on the front lines, are committing to loving and witnessing progress and healing — and not seeing the lie. “Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? (Prov. 23:5 (to ?) No!

  6. Sandi says:

    Very Dear Nurses, Thank you for giving your heart’s rich overflow to this healing ministry. The blessings abound abundantly. Thank you for blessing the world through your unselfed choices.

  7. Sara Barnacle says:

    You are entering a grand field for fruitful labor. I am very grateful for the commitment you are making, toward forwarding Christ-healing.


  8. Oh, happy day on your have chosing to serve our Leaders love of people. I am sure that you will be blessed in your journey ??
    I was a graduate of the BA in 1962. Have loved every minute of being a Christian Science Nurse. Bless you all.

  9. Jackie Ives says:

    Congratulations on this wonderful milestone in your life.Thank you for your dedication to this great cause. The world has need of you and especially the Christian Science world.

  10. Debbie Slade Pierce says:

    Congratulations to all the graduates and especially to Deborah for her career change and extension, and to all the devotion she brings to it.

  11. Bob says:

    Congratulations, 2019 Christian Science Nursing Arts graduates. We thank you for your dedication and service to the cause of Christian Science field. Your good work and thought blesses us all!

  12. Jill Stucker says:

    Dear CSN Graduates,
    So much heartfelt love to all of you for your love of God, your love of your fellow-man, and your love and practice of Christian Science! Words can not express enough appreciation, gratitude, and love to you for your dedication to the ministry of Christian Science nursing!

  13. Bernice L Doane says:

    I am so happy to congratulate each of you for your dedication to Christian Science nursing. I was at the Benevolent Assocation recently, and the loving care by every nurse is so greatly appreciated. You are truly on a special journey, and you will bring comfort and blessing to so many!
    Have a happy, well deserved day!

  14. Alex Cook says:

    Thank you for your service and love! May your journey be powerful and Soul-led. ??

  15. Carol Nelden says:

    Dear Angel’s, messages from God to those in need, I feel so heartwarmed to learn of your successes and graduation. I have attended two graduations in the past and send my love and gratitude to each of you on your special day. The world needs you. God bless.

  16. Nancy Mangan says:

    Thank you for your willingess to serve! So grateful for all the wonderful qualities you are expressing in this great and much needed work. Congratulations in achieving that higher model enabling you to graduate. God bless your good works and dedication.You have been given the qualities to stay true and be that clear transparency for Truth and Love. Thank goodness! May all your patients be beaming with joy and freedom and healing! Join me in singing 🙂 “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine. This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine; This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine” 🙂

  17. Dyan Wingard says:

    Congratulations on your graduation!! Thank you for your willingness to serve our Cause as Christian Science Nurses. Your dedication and love for humanity is greatly appreciated.

  18. Christine Whitney says:

    Thank you for sharing your love for mankind and the practical demonstration of Christian Science healing by serving our Cause in this unselfish way!

  19. Chestnut Booth says:

    Christian Science Nursing is one of the most progressive and successful things happening in the Christian Science Movement! Thank you, dear CHBA class of ’19, for being part of it. Looking forward to any opportunity to work with you.

  20. Cheryl Ryan says:

    Thank you, thank you! The joy, love, and support you give to us all as patients and family are so appreciated and welcome! Again, Thank you!!

  21. Carolyn Self says:

    Congratulations to all of you for your desire to bless the world and to learn all the wonderful ways to serve as nurses. Your love and devotion to God and the Cause are so deserving of gratitude. Many thanks and much love.

  22. Shehernavaz N. Pundole says:

    My dears,
    As you graduate from C.S.N.T.S on April 14th, ’19, remember that you are constantly accompanied by the “Gentle presence”. You are prepared to stand firm in the truth as Mary Baker Eddy discovered it and are ready and able to meet and be victorious over every claim of error in your own thought. (Ever and always, isn’t it it is our own consciousness that needs to be pure and clear?) Consequently, we are clearly “tuned in” to Love inspiring us to think, speak, and act rightly. May you be unceasingly wide awake to the “peace and joy and power”.
    My warmest, most sincere congratulations and ever so much love,
    Shehernavaz N Pundole — Graduating Class of September 1971.

  23. Mary Ellen Barrett says:

    Dear nurses- thank you for answering the call!
    You are so needed.
    You are each so special in supporting this wonderful
    cause of Christian Science healing.
    Bless you! ??

  24. Susan Renaud says:

    Congratulations!!! Love will guide you & be with you as you serve God & mankind! It is all about love for our universal family & healing to glorify God!!! Keep up the good work & blessings will abundantly follow!!!

  25. Ann White says:

    Thank you for your service and this clear evidence of selfless love. You have a special role in the Movement and are much appreciated. Thank you.

  26. Ellen P. Cutts says:

    Congratulations to each member of the 2019 class of graduate Christian Science Nurses! You will wear your pin with well-earned credit and delight as you move forward to help those who turn to you for help.You have worked hard and learned much, and now it is your turn to share your spiritual growth through continuing to serve God. May His loving guidance and comfort light your pathways always.

  27. Elaine Stanley says:

    SO grateful for your dedication and commitment. Sending you all much love and thanks!

  28. Heather Vaseff says:

    Dear Chestnut Hill grads. A joy to have worked with you all. Best wishes as you go forward and congratulations on all you have accomplished. Hugs? Heather V

  29. Ann Marie Wade says:

    Dear Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduates,
    Thank you so much for completing these training years . We so appreciate your love and dedication
    to this VERY important work.
    Ann Marie Wade

  30. Cynthia Kuest says:

    Dear Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduates,
    Divine Love is with you.
    Walk with God, Cynthia

  31. Wanda Richard says:

    Dear ones — may divine Love light your way and inspire all that you do as you go forward in the further service of God and mankind! You are blessed…..

    Wanda Richard

  32. chilesands says:

    To all nine of you graduates, Love, LOve, LOVE that you are completing training in such an important field, the healing field. Your dear faces in the picture I received is precious, showing promise and hope you and your spiritual qualities will add to this wide field of healing. Thank you for your forward step…Congratuations!

  33. Robert Ehrick says:

    With admiration and gratitude for your tremendous accomplishment and indispensable work!

  34. Ned carr says:

    To all dear graduates,

    Congratulations and big thank you for your wonderful achievement! So much good to look forward to and will be yours. You are doing wonderful work. Let your bright lights shine!

  35. Marilyn says:

    You are all dearly cherished!
    Thank you for your love in supporting Christian Science healing.

  36. Jan True says:

    Thank you so much for answering God’s call to serve as a Christian Science Nurse. What a wonderful healing career you have embarked upon – seeing only God’s perfect man. God bless each and every one of you. With much love and congratulations!

  37. Linda says:

    “Let all the earth with songs rejoice!” Congratulations Dear Ones! So much love to each of you. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful and dedicated ministry as Christian Science nurses – we are all blessed! xoxo

  38. Mary Collins says:

    Congratulations to all the 2019 graduates. You are joining the ranks of the workers who do the heavy lifting and do it with love, grace and joy. Thank you for all you have done and will do in the years ahead.

  39. Mark Swinney says:

    What a wonderful job you’ve all done! And what a future, too! There is such joy ahead because you each will be serving patients who already are completely perfect. Nothing could be better than that.

  40. Congratulations 2019 BA Graduates! I date back to summers of 1962 & 1963 as a summer worker on Grounds at BA in between my own college years in Montreal. Those times were memories of a lifetime and I got to know so many Christian Science Nurses in Training, along with many dedicated BA staff members and learned to respect each of their respective missions. You come from a long line of caring & sharing dedicated ambassadors. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished and in looking forward to what lies ahead. It’s your calling!

  41. Karla Vallance says:

    Yes, just: thank you, thank you, thank you.

  42. Dottie Zellers says:

    A huge hug and a huge thank you. I am so grateful for every Christian Science nurse!! Your love and support for your patients is invaluable! You are so very appreciated!! Thank you again for all the love and care you will be sharing. There is not a better gift you could give!!!

  43. Judith Quimby says:

    In the words of our Master, Matt 25:21, 23: Well done, good and faithful servant(s).
    Thanks you all ahead of time for all the good you will do with the wonderful innate talents you have been given by our dear Father-Mother. “Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.” You are blessed and you are blessings.
    You climb with joy and walk with Love.
    Many thanks.

  44. Jasmine benjoya says:

    Congratulations Christian Science Nursing Graduates! Thank you from my heart
    For choosing to bless the world and our wonderful CS church community/movement with your service As a so much needed and so appreciated CS nurse.
    It is heartening to know that you are joining the field ! Wishing you all the very best
    And Godspeed on your journeys..
    You are such a gift to us all!

  45. Randolph Richter says:

    My Mom graduated from this school of Christian Science nursing, Eleanor Richter, and my late wife, Joanne Powel, was a Christian Science nurse at Wide Horizon in Lakewood, CO for 30+ years, and I know the loving and blessed work you do! I am in Seattle now and have stayed at Sunrise Haven, in Kent, and I know first hand what great work you do!

  46. Eleanor Bigbie says:

    Thank you, each of you, for your loving, selfless dedication to this holy work. “The world has need of you…”
    (Mis. 110:4)

  47. Diane says:

    Congratulations … and … Thank You!!! Your graduation ceremony is as a grand and glorious testimony meeting … each having overcome whatever seeming obstacles as you each continued to heed Jesus’ call to follow him. Love brought you into the program, has carried you through, and will continue to bless your Christ-lit path. Jesus said, “… He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do … ” (John 14:12). Mrs. Eddy pointed out, “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals.” (S&H 476:32). … and so your healing ministry has grown and will continue to grow. Sincere thanks to Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association!!!

  48. Terri Murdock says:

    Congratulations to each of you, and thank you for your dedication to Christian Science healing and to a high standard of Christian Science Nursing! God speed!

  49. Christine Williams says:

    Blessed are those who represent themselves as Christian Science nurses (and that’s YOU!), for they shall shine forth the Comforter to all mankind!
    Oh, how delighted and grateful I am/we all are that you have demonstrated the focus, prayerful persistence, love, generosity of heart — and so much more — to have arrived at this very special day! Congratulations! Bravo! Thank you!
    With deeply grateful love,

  50. Debbie Bermel says:

    We Bermels love you all. With deepest gratitude to you angels!

  51. Barbara Corbett says:

    Congratulations to you all, and thank you for your dedication and love! Many blessings always,

  52. Janet Hope says:

    Dear about-to-be-Graduates,
    It’s many years since I walked up to the podium in the chapel to receive my certificate from Miss Mabel Else, our dearly loved and respected Superintendent. Over the years my training, the dedicated people who gave me the training, and the certificate have meant ever more to me, and my gratitude has grown.
    My hope is that this will be true for you too – that all you have gained through those you have known will continue to expand and bless you and all you serve,
    Thank you for your commitment to Love, and congratulations,

  53. Alice Suitt says:

    What joyful opportunities you have to see the man of God’s creating.
    Congratulations and joyful gratitude to you all for your love of Christian Science.

  54. On behalf of the Board of Directors of High Oaks, Inc., thank you for your devotion to letting your light shine that mankind may see the good works of which genuine Christianity, today made practical in Christian Science, is capable. “And ever through our work shall shine that light whose glory, Lord, in Thine.” (Hymn no. 14) It is a privilege to support your much-needed Christian Science nursing careers!

  55. Anne Cook says:

    To each of you dear graduates,
    Hearty thanks for your selfless love manifesting itself in this good work.

  56. Jane Rueckert says:

    Congratulations to you all! Thank you for joining those who already bless us when needed.
    Those CS nurses near me practice in my area near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and have blessed me.
    Thank you all for getting your training and joining this wonderful blessing profession loving our world.

  57. Carol Cronin says:

    Congratulations! Christian Sciences nurses are such special people. You worked very hard to become a Christian Science nurse so you can give life to those in need. You further the cause of Christian Science by proving that it heals as Christ Jesus taught. We love you because you love us! Thank you so very much for all you do.

  58. Jean O’Neil says:

    Well done, graduates! Thank you for the great effort you have made, listening to the inspired God-sent messages that kept you going through your training. Your selfless love and dedication to Christian Science is so very much appreciated.
    Jean O’Neil

  59. Sue says:

    I’ve known and been assisted by several Christian Science nurses over the years, including at the home delivery of my son. And I’ve felt so loved and blessed by each. You are joining a growing group of dedicated and active members of the CS movement. Thank you sincerely!

  60. Marion Harvey says:

    Although I will be in the audience on Sunday, I want to express my love and appreciation here too, just in case I don’t catch up with each one of you at the reception. There will be many others wishing to join in at that point! My husband and I had many years of association with the BA in one way or another, and most recently as a resident of The Residences at 910, I have felt your spiritual vigor and joyful commitment to this special calling. Heartfelt thanks!

  61. Gigi Suiffet says:

    Dear Graduates, you are embarking on the best career ever! So rewarding, meaningful and needed. Congratulations and Thank You. « The Healer by Gennesaret shall walk the rounds with thee. »

  62. Lolly Murray says:

    Thank you much for all the healing work you have done and will continue to do! CS Nurses are truly an army of angels, blessing all of us! Congratulations on this wonderful step!

  63. Marsha says:

    Thank you Angels, Your commitment to the cause is unparalleled. Thank you is not enough for all that you do. It is so appreciated.

  64. Katie Tanner says:

    Deborah, Alaina, Jessica, Lynda, Reagan, Alan, Emmanuel, Arinze, Mark,
    Congratulations on your graduation from the Christian Science Nursing ArtsTraining Program! Our thanks for your commitment to spread healing through Christian Science and for the many blessings you will bestow.
    Best Regards,
    The members of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Garland, Texas

  65. Mary Llewellyn Blalock says:

    Thank you, Graduates!!! Best of everything as you continue your journey of blessing others and being blessed yourselves! You are greatly loved!

  66. Peggy Williams CS says:

    Congratulations to the Christian Science Nurses in the 2019 graduating class! The world has need of your love, your skills and your willingness to serve God and follow the Master, Christ Jesus. Your dedication is appreciated and valued. Thank you!

  67. Colette Cadwell says:

    I woke up happy this morning knowing this is a special day! Your graduation! Thank you for going forth as Love’s ‘shining lights’ as you answer the call to meet the needs of those relying on divine Love’s ever-presence.

  68. Elizabeth says:

    Dear Ones,
    Right now as I write this, you, your friends and your world-wide family, are rejoicing in your graduation ceremony and are so deeply grateful for your dedication, strength, and compassion which you are bringing to your healing ministry as Christian Science nurses. Please know how much you are appreciated, blessed, and being a blessing everywhere you go!
    Sending love to you all,

  69. Pearl Spa KC says:

    Congratulations graduates!

  70. Warren Berckmann, CSB says:

    Dear graduate,

    What a wonderful act of devotion you have embarked upon! This certainly fulfills Jesus’ commandments to love God and love your neighbor as yourself and you will thereby be blessed in your work. No mortal thought of discouragement, limitation, nor any other of the would-be attempts of error to limit or arrest God’s work can ever succeed nor even enter consciousness. Why? Because, as Mrs. Eddy says, ““The divine understanding reigns, is all, and there is no other consciousness.” (SH 536:8)

    Congratulations on your completion of training resulting from consecrated work and dedication to our great Cause! Mrs. Eddy makes the following statement in regard to the birth of a new child (or divine idea), it certainly would apply to your work, “Its beginning will be meek, its growth sturdy, and its maturity undecaying.” (SH 463:15–16)


    Warren Berckmann

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