[audio] Listen to Our Graduates’ Experience:

Below, two graduates who completed the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts program a few years ago, share their thoughts and deep appreciation for the side-by-side mentoring that is offered as part of the BA’s training program…


Kim Denson:
Kim Denson is originally from the San Francisco area, and now resides in the Boston area. She started working as a Christian Science nurse during college and had stayed with it after graduating. She then decided to take part in the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts because, as she says, “I knew it would broaden and strengthen my practice of Christian Science nursing. All the classes I have taken have been wonderful, from the instructors to other classmates. I am truly grateful I was led into this wonderful healing ministry.”



Adria Johnson:
Adria Howe Johnson was raised in New England, lived in the Midwest and came into Christian Science nursing in response to her heartfelt desire to be more useful to God and to man. She had spent extended times away from home nursing loved ones, including a non-Christian Scientist. The medical nurse who oversaw this relative’s homecare said, “You do such a good job. Are you a nurse?” That comment, and seeing Christian Science nurses in action, including the excellent care they gave a relative at the BA, led Adria to apply for training in Christian Science Nursing Arts.

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  1. Sally says:

    Thank you Adria and Kim. I wish you continued joy in your CS nursing practice. Thank you for choosing this dedicated Christian profession.

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