Christian Science healing practice

Having an active healing practice through the ministry of Christian Science nursing

Mary Baker Eddy was so wise, compassionate, and practical in providing for both the Christian Science practitioner and Christian Science nurse. These are both avenues for answering humanity’s call for the divine laws of Life, Truth, and Love for care and healing.  Both avenues of service require a deep understanding and a genuine and demonstrated practice of this Science. Both require a love for mankind that is reflective of God’s love for His beloved children.

Actually, there is no need to choose between Christian Science nursing and the practice. Representing the Church Manual By-law, “Christian Science Nurse,” through a defined practice of Christian Science nursing, embraces and demands the same level of metaphysical practice required for the public practice. Care that is in accord with Christian Science treatment is reflective of divine Love’s perfect and tender care for His idea, surrounding the patient with spiritual-mindedness.
The Father calls each one into His service, and our humble prayer and listening will show us how best to care for His flock.  The apostle Paul speaks of men having “diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.” When considering which ministry is right for you, it can be helpful to think about the unique and individual abilities and capabilities that you already express.  It’s also helpful to review the nursing qualities found in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
The By-law, “Christian Science Nurse” is part of the complete revelation of Christian Science, and those who have the ability both physically and spiritually to do this work are needed to fulfill our Church’s mission in responding to humanity’s need.  You may find yourself following the call to the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing. Please contact us:

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