Podcast: From graphic designer to Christian Science nurse


Danis Collett spoke with Steve Carlson recently about her journey from graphic artist to Christian Science nurse.

Danis explains how an experience early in her career has continued to guide her. “I was reaching out to God, and I got a very distinct answer, ‘I want you to see that you can do anything.’ Because we are the expression of God’s infinitude, we have really broad abilities and talents….That message has stayed with me.”

Click the play button below to hear Danis’ conversation with Steve…

4 Responses to Podcast: From graphic designer to Christian Science nurse

  1. Susan Renaud says:

    Thank you Danis! Inspiring to all! Love in action!

  2. Marilyn Crowley says:

    Good, honest interview. Shows we all have many talents and can use them progressively.

  3. Linnea says:

    Thank you for your clear and deeply thoughtful comments, Danis. All of them were so helpful — and so joyously expressed.

  4. Edrine Livingstone Ssempagala says:

    Thank you very much Dani’s Collet for sharing this Metaphysical message with us. Thank you for reminding me about our necessity needed to everyone to Love as it is written in the Manual of the Mother Church.

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