Christian Science nurses on their spiritual journey

At this year’s Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation, the Class Speaker, Reagan Kabuluku, shared some thoughts and inspiration about his journey in this healing ministry. Below are a few excerpts from his talk.


“The training has primarily given me the opportunity to secure the skills, the ethics, and the art of Christian Science nursing in order to represent the Church Manual By-law ‘Christian Science Nurse.’ It has been a moment of spiritual growth.

“As a Christian Science nurse, you feel the need to be metaphysically prepared all the time. Your everyday tasks require a clear understanding of Truth that heals. Such understanding, as we know, comes from a day-to-day study of the Bible, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy, and the periodicals as well. As you are becoming more familiar with the truth in these books it really does become part of your daily life. And this is what people see in your ministry.

“Like Elijah you must choose to go up to the Mount Horeb where God is revealed and fresh inspiration is received. When this clarity of thought is maintained in your ministry, the new heaven opens up. You see clearly how to turn away from the testimony of the physical senses without turning away from your fellow-man. At this level you will not lose sight of who man really is—as the reflection of divine Love, perfect and intact. It is this quality of thought that is so needed in this holy work—to identify your fellow-man as the reflection of nothing less than good, while also attending to his needs.”

Reagan Kabuluku
Christian Science Nursing Arts
Class of 2019

2 Responses to Christian Science nurses on their spiritual journey

  1. Susan Renaud says:

    Excellent message! It’s all about our love for God & for our neighbor! We are called to witness & heal! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  2. What a powerful summary of the Christian Science practice and nursing here: “to identify your fellow-man as the reflection of nothing less than good”. It just accentuates the very conclusion of the scientific statement of being “Man is not material ; he is spiritual.”

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