Join us online — Graduation Ceremony 2020

Elaina receiving diploma



11:00 A.M. — 1:00 P.M. EST

Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation Ceremony Class of 2020 will honor ten Christian Science nurses as they move forward in their spiritual ministry.

Graduates will share their insights and inspiration about the holy ministry of Christian Science nursing.

Keynote Speaker: Ralph Byron Copper, C.S.
Our Mission: Both Individual and Collective


3 ways to send congratulations to
the ten Christian Science nurses graduating

The list of graduates is available here

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7 Responses to Join us online — Graduation Ceremony 2020

  1. William Saunders says:

    Looking forward to a very nice occasion.

  2. Pam Shanley says:

    Thank you for inviting us!

  3. Ugboaja Ugozioma says:

    Happy Graduation Ceremony… More ahead to come…

  4. S Shipe says:

    Thank you for the invite to attend. Looking forward to recognizing our graduate Lucianna

  5. Shehernavaz N.Pundole says:

    “Being there” virtually will no doubt bring back happy memories of my own Graduation from C.S.N.T. S in Sept. of 1971! Heartfelt congratulations to all the graduates! Shehernavaz N Pundole.

  6. Colette Cadwell says:

    Blessed day for these graduatess

  7. David Stafford-Parkin says:

    Yay! It was beautiful. Thank you all. Perfect.

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