Congratulate the 2018 Graduates

Roselyne Keyaer
Arden Wood

Fiona Ouma
Arden Wood

Alice Wakanyi
Arden Wood

Mark Wyndham
The BA

Gladys Njoroge
The BA

William Conant
Peace Haven

 Christian Science Nursing Arts — 2018 Graduation 

Join us in honoring Christian Science nurses as they graduate and
continue forward in their spiritual ministry.
Sunday, March 18, 2018, 3:30 – 5:30 pm, in the BA Chapel.

hydrangea 2014If you are not able to attend in person, you can still send congratulations!
Leave a comment in the “Leave a Reply” field below to share your note of celebration & congratulations.

Looking for more information about the training & its graduates?
Find out what our graduates are saying about their training.
Learn more about Christian Science Nursing Arts training at the BA.


21 Responses to Congratulate the 2018 Graduates

  1. Tessa Frost says:

    Thank each of you for your reflection of divine Love’s perfect, tender care for Her idea, man. I am deeply grateful for the work you do and the spiritual Life you glorify, witnesses to God and His Christ each day and each step of the way!

    Congratulations on the significant accomplishment of your graduation!


  2. Heidi A. says:

    Congratulations! So grateful and happy for you, for living Love, and for our Cause.


  3. Nancy Stevens says:

    Blessings to each of you in this new journey. Serving the cause of Christian Science is so rewarding, and certainly an opportunity to grow spiritually.
    Much love to each of you.
    Nancy Steven

  4. What a beautiful example of dedication to Christian Science healing each of you present. Thank you for your dedication and love that have kept you focused and now succeeded in this grand undertaking. We know many will be blessed by your nursing ministry.

  5. Adrienne Colsia says:

    It is uplifting to read about all of you. You will go forward and bless the Christian Science Community immensely with your dedication, love, and metaphysical support. Congratulations on earning a place in this priceless healing ministry.

  6. David Cranfill says:

    Congratulations! And thank you! Your commitment to Christian Science nursing support and healing is inspiring, and appreciated so much. Thank you again!

  7. Meridee Olsen says:

    Thank you for your dedication and unselfish service to your fellow man. Your love for others is very much appreciated and will certainly be a mutual blessing. With gratitude!

  8. Dave Horn says:

    “Child of patience, compassion and care, Mary and Martha united in Love, yours a persuasion of unceasing prayer — yours a profession ordained from above. Hearts who would vanquish mortality’s claim find in your gentleness heavenly rest. Trusting the wisdom you use in His name, fearless we turn to the Christ and are blest.” (CSJ Jan. 1968)

  9. Congratulations and much joy and gratitude to you all! “Well done good and faithful.” Your devotion to the Cause of Christian Science blesses the world immediately straightway and forthwith. From a sister in Christ.

  10. Congratulations!, Rose, Fiona and Alice, for so beautifully representing the qualities of a Christian Science Nurse as outlined in the Manual and for radiating sunshine, tenderness and outstanding capability on Arden Wood’s Christian Science nursing floor. Well done!

  11. Nancy Mangan says:

    Congratulations! Wonderful news! Grateful! All the best and sending love …. to each and everyone of you!

  12. Elizabeth Dawn says:

    Dear Graduates, Thank you for your very loving and practical nursing ministry which is bringing healing, encouragement, and comfort to so many individuals and helping them to see evidence of good progress!

  13. Sandi Justad says:

    Congratulations on having found within you the answer to the Lord’s question in Isaiah, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” You have each replied with sincerity and dedication, “Here am I, send me.”
    The world is blessed, as are you, each and all.
    Thank you.

  14. Jay says:

    Congrats to Mark and the other five graduates!! A tremendous personal accomplishment for each of you, and a magnificent contribution to the Movement.

  15. Kathryn Price says:

    This news of your accomplishment is wonderful. You have learned so much and contributed such service to get to this point! Thank you for setting foot on the “path that has no turning,- patience, courage, meekness learning”, and for continuing to serve the world in a signally significant way.

  16. Bernice Doane says:

    Congratulations to each of you in your chosen path to bless all who will have your care. I have so much love and gratitude for the special care that I received at the BA.
    Divine Love is with you all.

  17. Jemima says:

    Congratulations Rose my dear friend and your Colleagues for the hard work and commitment coupled with lots of patience. I thank God the Almighty that your dream of being a Nurse has been realized as well as you kept the faith that everything is possible in God. Wish you well as you graduate Rose. With lots of Love from Jemima Mary Ogutu.

  18. Nicholas Nyakundi says:

    Congratulations Rosalyne and Gladys for your efforts and hardwork to serve mankind. Wishing you all the best. Much love from Nicholas Nyakundi

  19. Congratulations Bill and the entire class. “Well done good and faithful servants”! Thank you for your dedication to this inspiring spiritual journey. We are all blessed by your accomplishments.

    With much love and gratitude from all your friends at Peace Haven!!!

  20. Patti says:

    hymn 278

    ” Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected, Walk thou with courage each step of the way.” as you head off on your amazing journey.

  21. Jan True says:

    Bless you for taking up the calling in serving the Cause of Christian Science as a Christian Science Nurse. You are so needed. Sending so much love to each one of you as you are following in Christ Jesus’s footsteps in being our your Father’s business.

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