Congratulate the 2020 Graduates

Graduation Ceremony

Christian Science Nursing Arts 2020 Graduation

Saturday, November 21, 2020, 11:00 A.M. — 1:00 P.M. EST


Join us online in honoring ten Christian Science nurses as they move forward in their spiritual ministry.



2020 Graduates


Anna Adjei-Baah
Arden Wood, Inc.


Cheryl DeSanctis
Chestnut Hill  Benevolent Assoc.


Aaron Dokodzo
Chestnut Hill  Benevolent Assoc.


Lucianna Ebboyi
Tenacre Foundation


Ben Egwuenu
Arden Wood, Inc.


Samantha Hardy
Peace Haven


Miriam Kamiti
Arden Wood, Inc.


Peter Nabiswa
Arden Wood, Inc.


Maa-Grace Setordzie
Chestnut Hill  Benevolent Assoc.




Daniel Siechen
Chestnut Hill  Benevolent Assoc.



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hydrangea 2014Looking for more information about the training & its graduates?
Find out what our graduates are saying about their training.
Learn more about Christian Science Nursing Arts training at the BA.

14 Responses to Congratulate the 2020 Graduates

  1. Jan in New Mexico says:

    Dear Graduates,
    How wonderful that you’ve chosen to answer the call to be a Christian Science nurse. You are so needed in God’s harvest field. God bless each one of you.
    Sending much, much love!

  2. Tallwood House says:

    To all the graduates,
    Never assign a limit to knowledge,
    And Endlessly light the way to others.
    Let the light of your glory never go dim.
    And the wisdom of God remain in you.
    Congratulation Graduates.
    With Love,
    Friends at Tallwood House

  3. Dear Graduates,
    There are no words to express my gratitude for your dedication to this important work. You are so needed and God is with you each step of the way, as you already have seen I’m sure. You and your work has all the power of God behind it as it is part of our God impelled and inspired Church Manual activities for the world. Thank you, thank you for being that “salt of the earth” and “light of the world.” Many many blessings, and much love to each of you. Congratulations!

  4. Dave Riddle says:

    Congratulations to all the graduates. I am very grateful for your service and dedication to serve as Christian Science nurses to help and heal all.

  5. Katie Tanner (clerk) says:

    Dear Graduates,
    The members of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Garland offer congratulations for your impending graduation, and our sincere gratitude for your commitment to spiritual healing. We will be forever grateful and supportive of your service and dedication.


    Muchos triunfos espirituales en ese gran Ministerio de la enfermería de la Ciencia Cristiana (Many spiritual triumphs in that great Ministry of Christian Science Nursing.)

  7. Gustel Gigi Suiffet says:

    Congratulations, dear Graduates, you are about to embark on a most wonderful and rewarding career, and will be a blessing to many! “ The Healer by Gennesaret shall walk thr rounds with thee” (Hymn 96) Much, much love and best wishes.

  8. Deborah Thompson McNeil says:

    We are grateful to you for your loving commitment to practice Christian Science Nursing care. The deep love for God and man that impels this commitment, uplifts and blesses you.

  9. Archibald L M Adjaye says:

    Congratulations to all graduates for embarking on such a wonderful journey in the Christian Science ministry. You have demonstrated the deep love shown by our Master Christ Jesus to fellow man. Thank you all for your continuous devotion and dedication to the Nursing ministry, and especially to my one and only true friend Maa Grace Setordzie you have been such an inspiration. God bless.

  10. DOUGLA EGWUENU says:

    Congratulations to all the graduates. Your dedication and decision to serve as Christian Science nurses to help and heal mankind is quite commendable the blessing of the Lord shall be with you all

  11. Akoth Ambugo says:

    Congratulations for this most glorious achievement graduates. Your commitment is a precious inspiration. I celebrate with you and wish each of you a path filled with with divine blessings.

    May God’s Love for us all be your forever motivation.

  12. Judith Bergeson says:

    Congratulations everyone! We are all blessed by your devotion and loving work!
    Thank you,
    Judy B.

  13. Xenia Walker says:

    Congratulations to all the graduates, and for the work you are doing and will continue to do in support of Christian Science healing.
    A special congratulations to Cheryl!

  14. Yvonne Renoult says:

    Dear graduates,
    What a beautiful gift is given you and that you are giving the CS movement snd the world. That’s the nature of God’s gifts — to multiply blessings beyond expectations to the selfless givers. I trust you have already felt those blessings and are headed for more! Thank you for your dedication and hard work and from those of you that I know, for your gentle joy.
    In gratitude and love,

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