“You are not only giving, you are receiving…”

Christian Science nurses who have graduated from the Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Program here at the BA often express their gratitude for the ongoing support they receive from others. Following are a few brief audio clips of what they’ve told us about their experience.


CSN headshots


Caitlin Sheasley

“It’s a privilege to witness God’s loving, healing care and to see it reflected in our Christian Science nursing ministry.”


Aaron Dokodzo

Alaina Carlson

“God is the one…providing us with the grace and compassion that we so need…”


Maa-Grace Setordzie

“Experienced Christian Science nurses are always around to help you make solid judgements and right decisions to support the needs of the patients…”


Mark Palkoner

“Love is there to protect, and heal, to give inspiration, to give joy, and to give hope.”


Gladys Njoroge

“You are not only giving, you are receiving.”


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