“Your support of Christian Science nursing means a lot…”

Your gift makes it possible for Gladys Njoroge to participate in Christian Science nurses training at the BA. In an interview with the BA’s Monty Haas, Gladys shares what the training means to her. Click the play button below to hear the their discussion:

Below are a few excerpts from the interview:

Monty: What are you learning from the training?

Gladys: The training is giving me the skills, the wisdom, and the understanding behind what I am doing. You need to know how to do it correctly in order to do it well. The training is teaching me how to give proper care in an efficient, gentle, and kind manner—having compassion. The ethics keep you grounded. You have a footing because of the ethics. You have compassion because of the ethics. When you are governed by Christ-like ethics you find yourself doing the right thing. You find yourself following spiritual intuition, not human will.

Monty: What would you tell someone who is considering going into Christian Science nursing?

Gladys: Love first. If you have love, you can do it. It is not like any other job. When you go in, you are not only giving, you are receiving. Christian Science nursing is something that when your heart is in it, and God is leading you into it – then let God lead you into it. When I decided to apply for the training program, I said to God, “I will do this if you lead the way.” And from that day He has been leading the way.

Monty: What would you like to tell those who contribute to Christian Science Nurses training?

Gladys: First and foremost, thank you! Your support of Christian Science nursing means a lot. Christian Science nurses are here to support healing. So, your support of this training supports this healing mission, and the Cause of Christian Science.

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