A graduation filled with gratitude

Nursing Graduates 2018

Janiva's blog logoThe 2016 Christian Science Nursing Arts Graduation Ceremony was held at the Benevolent Association on Sunday, September 11.  It was an inspiring time, and I wish that each of you could have been with us on that day.   For those who were not able to attend we will be sharing a number of the inspirational talks in different formats and through different avenues.  Below, I am sharing with you notes from my opening remarks. Next month we will share more inspiration from the 2016 Graduation, including audio recordings of talks given by the two Christian Science nurse class speakers.

“This Graduation Ceremony is honoring the Class of 2016. The Christian Science nurses graduating today are from around the world. We also extend our gratitude to the Instructors, Mentors, Directors of Christian Science Nursing and Training, and Executive Directors who have supported these graduates.02_Church-Manual-by-law-pg-1-text-101110Mon_Manual-By-Law_lo_0003195x145

Foundation for all of our work

“You will hear references throughout the program to the Church Manual By-law.  We are referring to the By-law, ”Christian Science Nurse” which is  Article VIII, Section 31 of the Manual and the foundation for all of our work at the Benevolent Association.

“We love this opportunity to come together each year with you to recognize those graduating from the Christian Science Nursing Arts Training, and going forward with this spiritual, practical ministry. Sharing our graduation with all of you takes the place of an Annual Meeting with our Field. We don’t give a specific treasurer report, a board report, or reports on the BA’s activities and healings in these graduation ceremonies. These are communicated in many other ways with you throughout the year, from us as well as in the healings shared in church testimony meetings and in the Christian Science periodicals.

Speaking to the continuation of this ministry

“We feel graduation speaks to the Church Manual By-law, “Christian Science Nurse”, and to the devotion of members answering this call. It speaks to the present good work going on in Christian Science nursing throughout the world. And we love how the graduations speak to the continuation of this ministry.

“While we recognize these nine Christian Science nurses graduating today, our gratitude extends to all who are carrying out and supporting this healing ministry in communities near and far.

Demand for a higher and more complete demonstration

“This year marks the 100th year since the announcement of the establishment of the Benevolent Association. appraoch-to-administration-building-copyWe feel that today, too, is a very important time in the history of the BA. As we have been working diligently with all of you and the Field to address challenges that the BA has been faced with for many decades, we have seen such evidence of God’s love for this organization and its activities. We also understand that right now, an even higher and more complete demonstration is being demanded of us for the continuation of this institution and all that it represents, and was established to represent. And we are grateful for this opportunity.

“We are deeply grateful for the prayers, the love, the generous contributions, and for the dedicated work of so many in carrying out this loving work of healing.

ba-csna-may2016-173Gratitude for uninterrupted healing and a loving provision

“We are especially grateful for The Mother Church.  And this year we want to give specific appreciation and our deep gratitude for the demonstration made in 1916 by the Christian Science Board of Directors. This marks the 100th year since this demonstration was made. There have been changes through the years for the Benevolent Association but what has continued uninterrupted are the many wonderful healings, the holy work of Christian Science nursing, a refuge for spiritual study and renewal, a quiet refuge and support for many yearly association meetings, and a loving provision of home to many. We are indeed grateful.”

Please check back next month for more inspirational talks from the 2016 Graduation Ceremony.

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