From our Christian Science Nurses Training School: An Interview with Josh Kenworthy

Meet Josh Kenworthy, a Christian Science nurse who is enrolled in the training program at Chestnut Hill Benevolent Association. To find out what this training means to him and what he loves about the ministry of Christian Science nursing, you can listen to his entire interview on our website here.

What do you find makes you most happy in the work of Christian Science nursing?

I love that question. I have to say that what brings me joy in this line Josh Kenworthy of work is that I am getting an opportunity to “put the rubber to the road” in terms of my prayers. It’s one thing to know the truth; it’s another thing to know the truth when the material senses are presenting a picture that is contradictory to that truth. What I also love about Christian Science nursing is the way I can interact with fellow Christian Scientists in caring for them. I fin there’s a lot of joy in being able to apply what I’m learning and understanding of God and His healing power. Getting to do that by joyfully ministering to others takes thought off of self and lifts the heart and, in turn, we bring that joy into the patient’s room.

What do you find to be one of the biggest challenges, metaphysically, in Christian Science nursing work?

As I indicated before, I feel the primary demand is to turn away from the false testimony of material sense without turning away from your fellow man. This is quite central to everything that we discuss in Christian Science Nursing Arts training. That might sound like a difficult or even contradictory task, but what I’ve started to see is that one of the most beautiful parts of Christian Science nursing is that if I prepare my thought metaphysically — really dig deeply to understand God’s allness — I can, with Christ’s help, walk over the waves of what the material senses are presenting. And I can express a calm and a joy and a love that will be supportive to the patient in a time of need.

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