Podcast: Is Christian Science nursing right for you? Part 1

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Robyn Liebenrood talks about a “calling to this ministry…” of Christian Science nursing.

Is it your calling?

This interview with Robyn Liebenrood is from 2013, and it is as meaningful as ever. She talks about the variety of individuals who have applied to the Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Program, and the qualifications required for someone considering the holy ministry of Christian Science nursing.

Click the play button below to hear the interview. Robyn is Assistant Director of the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts Training School.

Contact us for more information about the Christian Science Nurses Training School and for applications.

Check back next month for Part 2. Robyn will help clarify the different roles of a Christian Science practitioner and a Christians Science nurse. She will also explore the specific qualities a Christian Science nurse should express.

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