Ministering to the needs of mankind – a guide to the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training School

About the Christian Science Nursing Arts curriculum

The Christian Science Nursing Arts (CSNA) Training Program supports dedicated members of The Mother Church who are preparing to represent themselves as a Christian Science nurse. The training addresses preparation for and securing a practice in this spiritual ministry that meets the standard and requirements of the Church Manual By-law “Christian Science Nurse,” and demonstrates the expression of the qualities of the nurse that Mary Baker Eddy specifies (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, 395:17–20).

The time it takes to complete CSNA training is individual according to each one’s demonstrated practice in the art of Christian Science nursing and readiness for the next course level. The BA offers an employee benefit of mentored instruction in the Christian Science Nursing Arts and employee benefits regarding support for the classroom training. Subsidized housing is available for individuals in training.

 The many ways you can minister to the needs of mankind…

The spiritual ministry of Christian Science nursing provides many avenues for caring for the needs of individuals.


In the Outpatient Room:
Christian Science nurses provide skilled care to both children and adults in an outpatient room. Outpatient visits provide a confidential setting separate from our inpatient care rooms. Outpatient services might include assistance with cleansing and bandaging, or assistance with the use of mobility aids such as crutches or walkers.

In the home:
Visiting Christian Science Nursing Service provides Christian Science nursing care that extends beyond a facility. The BA’s visiting service covers individuals throughout the six-state New England region of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. A visiting service ministers to individuals relying on Christian Science for treatment wherever they are, 24/7, 365 days a year.

With our Mother and Infant Care service:
A Mother and Infant Care service provides the loving support of Christian Science nursing for expectant moms during labor and delivery; and for the continued loving care and support of the mom and baby for a short time after the delivery. This care includes working with family members in caring for the new arrival.

In the Facility:
Christian Science nurses provide inpatient care in a refuge conducive to study and prayer for individuals relying on Christian Science for healing. Patients receive care from trained Christian Science nurses that keeps pace with their individual progress and healing. Christian Science nurses respond to, and care for, needs of mobility/activity, communication, comfort, rest, cleanliness, nourishment, and surroundings.

Comments from Current and Graduate Participants

jennyJenny: “Learning the physical steps of how to give care is vital for any nurse, but the care I give must reflect God’s love for His children—it’s not just a series of human footsteps…each day brings more humbling and uplifting experiences.”


Palkoner_Kristin-headshot1-cropKristin:“The Christian Science nurses training at the BA…is giving me the opportunity to express the beautiful qualities Mary Baker Eddy requires of the Christian Science nurse, such as being “full of faith,” and “receptive to Truth and Love.” (SH p. 395) I am so grateful for the provision of the Christian Science nurse in our Movement, and its gift to our church members and to mankind.”


Emily Smith fall 2014Emily: “I learned skills that were not just procedures of care but ideas of care that require deep compassion, sound judgment, and a clear reflection of Godlikeness in order to minister to the needs of the patient. I learned ethics essential to ensuring a practice consistent with the By-law and with the theology of Christian Science.”


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