Podcast: “…a deep appreciation of Christian Science nursing”


Alaina Carlson was led to the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing in an unexpected way.  Alaina explains: “I had never planned out what I was going to do after college… So, purposefully I didn’t choose a career path, knowing that God would put something in front of me that was perfect for me. In a really quiet moment when I was receptive, God just seemed to say ‘Christian Science nursing.’ It was really special. I had never experienced God speaking to me in that way before…. The fact that it was so bluntly put in front of me without having any context, it was nothing but divine Love showing the way to something that was truly special for me.” 

Click the play button below to hear Alaina describe her experience:

One Response to Podcast: “…a deep appreciation of Christian Science nursing”

  1. Christine says:

    Truly lovely, Alaina, thank you! What an inspiring experience of being divinely called and of listening and following! As a divinely right idea, your work as a Christian Science nurse will continue to bless and be blessed! Abiding thanks!

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