Podcast interview with Christian Science nurse Michelle Ponder

Recently Steve Carlson sat down with Michelle Ponder to talk about her current experience as a participant in the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training School. Michelle is devoted to and inspired by this holy ministry, and loves its role in supporting Christian Science healing. Click the play button below to listen to their conversation.

3 Responses to Podcast interview with Christian Science nurse Michelle Ponder

  1. CQ says:

    I love Michelle’s pure, humble, Christlike approach to Christian Science nursing, which clearly flows out of her love of, devotion to, and respect for Christian Science.

  2. Francisca Laguna says:

    I love and appreciate Michelle’s still, poised Christ-like thought and what she is learning as a Christian Science nurse. It has brought about deep, meaningful healing to our family.

  3. VS says:

    The calm strength and conviction in which Michelle expresses her love of Christian Science is reassuring. It is an encouragement to support the healing atmosphere provided in the Church Manual. I love knowing that the purity, grace and dedication of her thought is ministering to our CS community.

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