[podcast] A graduate’s journey into Christian Science nursing

Bob bishop-lo-1040093Bob Bishop, one of the most recent graduates of the Christian Science Nursing Arts Training program, received his diploma on May 31st.

Listen to his journey from work as an accountant to the completion of his training at the BA. Hear why he decided to dedicate himself to the healing ministry.

Find out why he looks forward to work every day and how work as a Christian Science nurse is far from routine.

Enjoy this thought-provoking podcast, hosted by Monty Haas.



5 Responses to [podcast] A graduate’s journey into Christian Science nursing

  1. Marion Harvey says:

    Thanks, Bob, for so generously sharing from your journey of the last three years, and congratulations on your recent graduation! Marion & Tom

  2. I agree with Marian! When I knew you when you were in the accounting field, you have always been one to listen for right answers and then act on them. Such a caring, loving man! Keep practicing!

  3. Mussa Tongori says:

    Thank you Bob for your inspiring spiritual journey!

  4. Dana Kuzmer says:

    Thanks for answering the call, and your spot on comments about teamwork. Congratulations on your recent graduation. Blessings, Dana

  5. Fifi Weil says:

    Thank you Bob for sharing your wonderful journey into Christian Science nursing.

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