Podcast interview with Maa-Grace Setordzie

Maa-Grace Setordzie

Steve Carlson talked with Maa-Grace Setordzie recently about the spiritual insights she’s finding in the Christian Science Nursing Arts training program. Her devotion to Christian Science and this holy work shines through her words. Click below to listen.

6 Responses to Podcast interview with Maa-Grace Setordzie

  1. LC says:

    So interesting and precious! Good questions too — and so thoughtfully answered.

  2. Chrissie Brown says:

    Sweet, thoughtful, real!!! Thanks, Maa!!!

  3. Bernice Doane says:

    I witnessed the care by Maa-Grace at the BA, and I know she is a very dedicated, kind, and loving nurse. She will bless many people in her service as a Christian Science nurse.
    Thank you Steve for your devotion to Christian Science Nursing.

  4. Gae says:

    Very impressive Maa! Questions and answers were just right. Thank you Steve, thank you Maa!

  5. Ginny Stopfel says:

    Thank you Maa and Steve. Interesting questions Steve. And Maa I love your sincere from the heart responses. An inspiring listen! Love to you both for your work.

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