Podcast: Meet Caitlin Sheasley

Caitlin Sheasley

Caitlin Sheasley talks about Christian Science nursing, mentoring, and distance running. 

Currently an instructor and mentor in the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training School, Caitlin shares thoughtful insights into the metaphysical focus required in this work. She also explains how the qualities she expresses to successfully run in a marathon are also needed to be a successful Christian Science nurse.


2 Responses to Podcast: Meet Caitlin Sheasley

  1. Susan Renaud says:

    Thank you Caitlin!!! CS nursing is all about love for God & man! It is to witness healing as you said! It is holy work!

  2. Maryt Ellen Crow says:

    Beautifully stated, Caitlin! Thank you for sharing your experience as a CS nurse, and for being in this ministry.

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