Podcast: Meet Our Christian Science Nurses

Josh Kenworthy

Josh Kenworthy explains how he’s seen much progress in his work as a Christian Science nurse — with the continuing support of the BA’s Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Program. Josh explains, “The constant desire for refinement in thought and in life has brought progress to every aspect of my practice as a Christian Science nurse.  I’ve become more attuned with the need to strike the right tone mentally, in order to be in harmony with the way Love is unfolding each day, and meeting the human need. This enables me to be more in harmony with my fellow Christian Science nurses and the patients I’m supporting.” Click the play button to hear his conversation with Steve Carlson…

3 Responses to Podcast: Meet Our Christian Science Nurses

  1. Susan Renaud says:

    Thank you Josh for your thoughts! So inspiring!

  2. JEAN ONEIL says:

    Very inspiring interview! Thank you, Josh, for your good work & dedication.

  3. Grateful listener says:

    Wow. Just listened to this at the start of 2022. So beautiful and helpful. Thank you ever so much for sharing, and for your joyful and selfless application of spiritual sense to this precious holy work.

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