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The path that an individual takes which leads them into the spiritual ministry of Christian Science nursing is unique to that person. We had the privilege of speaking with a recent graduate, Samuel Gatheru Muiruri, and asked him to trace those footsteps.

Back in 1993 when Samuel Muiruri joined his local branch church in Nairobi, Kenya, he had no idea that in a few years he would be coming to the United States and entering into the practice of Christian Science nursing. Nor did he imagine that in November of 2009 he would graduate from the Christian Science Nursing Arts Training program at Chestnut Hill. But he is a man of great faith and trust in God, so following God’s guidance and direction is as natural for him as breathing.

Samuel says that the Christian Science Nursing Arts program has supported him in being a clear transparency that allows the healing presence and tender care of divine Love to be seen and felt. He explained that this training program has allowed him to understand how to live the By-law “Christian Science Nurse” (Art. VIII, Sect. 31), in the Church Manual.

In fact, he says, that’s where the program begins. With the study of the By-law, the class enters into a discussion about ethics and principles that spring from this By-law and how all of this relates to taking proper care of a patient. This, in turn, leads to a thoughtful understanding of how to minister to the needs of that patient in a practical way. All of this supports spiritual growth and spiritual healing.

Samuel notes that every care situation begins with approaching the patient as a child of God. That selfless love, as illustrated in Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan, imparts to the patient the ever-presence of the Christ and impels care that conveys God’s love and allness.

Throughout his training Samuel also found assurance in the practical mentoring portions of the Christian Science Nursing Arts program, which he describes as working side-by-side with a skilled mentor who gives continual feedback, supervision and training support.

Now active in his local branch church in Florida, as well as in his fulltime work as a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse at Daystar, Samuel has served as a Sunday School teacher for the 15-to-19-year-olds, and as Second Reader.

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  1. Having recently been a patient at Daystar, I had the privilege of having Samuel as my nurse on the late night shift. He was there for me as a spiritual support in what I thought were some of my darkest hours. He talked of the scientific truths to me, and I felt an assurance and peace that helped me to rest comfortably. He particularly awakened me to the words “loss is gain” from one of Mrs. Eddy’s hymns, and I have continued to hold to that. Samuel definitely reflects “the sweet amenities” of a Christian Scientist. He is a special and dear friend to me, and I will not forget him.

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