Thoughts About My First Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Class

During the first week in class, I knew exactly why the BA’s Christian Science Nurses Training Program was right for me. I saw how deep the metaphysics went, and how firmly grounded it was in the Church Manual By-law, in Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and in the Bible.

I learned skills that were not just procedures of care but ideas of care that require deep compassion, sound judgment, and a clear reflection of Godlikeness in order to minister to the needs of the patient. I learned principles and ethics essential to ensuring a practice consistent with the By-law and with the theology of Christian Science.

The practical application of nursing is an inextricable part of the healing practice, and that isn’t something to be taken lightly. It is very important and it demands a lot. I have grown as a student of Christian Science and in my practice of nursing.

It’s invaluable to me to have the opportunity to support healing while providing compassionate skilled care. This healing ministry is demanding. But isn’t that the whole point? This is something we need. We need to be demanding of ourselves in our practice of Christian Science.

-Emily Reynolds

7 Responses to Thoughts About My First Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Class

  1. Brynne Gray says:

    I’m delighted to know that you have entered the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing! I like what you say about the “whole point” being the fact that this work is spiritually demanding. The opportunity to deepen my understanding and practice of C.S. has brought me back to Christian Science nursing. I’m working at The Olive Glen in Sacramento. I look forward to the next time our paths cross!

  2. Lynne Buckley-Quirk, C.S. says:

    I cannot describe my joy to know that you have chosen the high road of Christian Science nursing and its healing ministry, Emily!
    Your description of the training, its motive and purpose, is an inspiration to all who embrace the demands of Christian Science study and practice. I, too, look froward to the next time out paths cross!

  3. Rusty Jones says:

    Just a note of gratitude for your commitment and stewardship to Christian Science Nursing. I’ve seen first hand the loving value it provides to patients in need. My favorite sentence in your story is, “We need to be demanding of ourselves in our practice of Christian Science.”

    The commitment to seeing and demonstrating our undivided unity to divine Love is the power behind all healing work in Christian Science.

    Thank you for that “unselfed love” you are giving.

  4. Dave Horn says:

    Daughter of patience, compassion and care,
    Mary and Martha, united in Love,
    Yours a persuasion of unceasing prayer.
    Yours a profession ordained from above.

    Hearts who would vanquish mortality’s claim
    Find in your gentleness heavenly rest.
    Trusting the wisdom you use in His name,
    Fearless, we turn to the Christ,and are blest!

  5. Leah McFall says:

    I am delighted to know that both Emily and Brynne are bringing those wonderful qualities that I so appreciate in each of you to nursing!

  6. Greg Sandford says:

    What a beautiful development this is for you and for the nursing field! This seems very right for someone with your warmth, compassion, and hunger for spiritual growth. I’m sure you’ll make a great contribution–and it’s wonderful to know you’ve found your way to something to which you can feel such a joyful sense of commitment!

  7. Karen James says:

    You are so right about the “demand”on us. “Metaphysical healing, or Christian Science, is a demand of the times.” Mis 232:21
    Thank you, Emily, for responding.

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