Thoughts About My First Christian Science Nursing Arts Training Class

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In this interview, Emily Reynolds Smith describes her experience in the Introductory Christian Science Nursing Arts course.

“When I began my training I spent my first four weeks in class. During the first week, I knew exactly why the BA’s training program was right for me. I saw how deep the metaphysics went, and how firmly grounded it was in the Church Manual By-law, in Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and in the Bible.

I learned skills that were not just procedures of care but ideas of care that require deep compassion, sound judgment, and a clear reflection of Godlikeness in order to minister to the needs of the patient. I learned principles and ethics essential to ensuring a practice consistent with the By-law and with the theology of Christian Science.

Now I am working on the floor every day with experienced mentors who help me implement what I have learned. The practical application of nursing is an inextricable part of the healing practice, and that isn’t something to be taken lightly. It is very important and it demands a lot. I have grown as a student of Christian Science and in my practice of nursing.

It’s invaluable to me to have the opportunity to support healing while providing compassionate skilled care. This healing ministry is demanding. But isn’t that the whole point? This is something we need. We need to be demanding of ourselves in our practice of Christian Science.”

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To listen to Emily explain why she chose to train at the BA, watch the video below.

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  1. Several Christian Science nursing facilities provide extensive training programs for Christian Science nurses. Sunrise Haven’s program covers every aspect of caring for one another, beginning with the Introduction and Ethics courses and continuing with Personal Care, Bed Care, Bandaging, Foods, Special Care, and Christian Science Nursing in the Field(home care), and Managing Your CS Nursing Practice.

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