Podcast: A couple embraces Christian Science nursing

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Kristin and Mark Palkoner work as Christian Science nurses at the BA

In this interview with the BA’s Monty Haas, Kristin and Mark Palkoner describe their individual journeys to the healing ministry.  Mark found Christian Science when he met Kristin ten years ago—and they both have followed Love’s guidance to a deeper appreciation of the qualities of nursing, and a sincere desire to care for others.

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Inspired by what you’re hearing? Click here to learn more about Christian Science nurses training, and how you can apply. 

One Response to Podcast: A couple embraces Christian Science nursing

  1. CQ says:

    When I clicked on CHBenevolent.org this morning to look up something else, lo and behold, there were two familiar names on the home page: Mark and Kristin Palkoner! Joyfully clicking on the podcast “play” button, I heard their two equally familiar voices — both expressing the qualities of Soul.

    I’m grateful that each of you, Kristin and Mark, are bringing your love of God and Christ and Christian Science to the world in this blessed way. And I’m especially grateful that your place is at the B.A., which is near and dear to my heart.

    In Grace,


    P.S. You’ll find who “CQ” is on my website! 🙂

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