“A calling to this ministry…”

An in-depth look at what it means to be a
Christian Science nurse.

Christian Science nurses play a vital part in supporting healing. Robyn Filbert, Assistant Director of Christian Science Nurses Training at the BA, provides a thoughtful inside look into this ministry. What qualifies someone to be a Christian Science nurse? What kinds of people become Christian Science nurses? How does a Christian Science nurse work with a practitioner?
The audio interview helps to answer these questions – and talks about the “signs of readiness.”


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4 Responses to “A calling to this ministry…”

  1. David Horn says:

    Daughter of patience, compassion and care,
    Mary and Martha united in Love,
    Yours a persuasion of unceasing prayer —
    Yours a profession ordained from above.
    Hearts who would vanquish mortality’s claim
    Find in your gentleness heavenly rest.
    Trusting the wisdom you use in His name,
    Fearless we turn to the Christ, and are blest. (CSJ Jan. 1968)

  2. Susan Remes says:

    I am interested in assisting C.S. nurses in this area and need more specific information. I live in Martin County, Florida.

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