“…a conviction that this is the Christ Science that heals.”

That’s how Kathy Glover, Director of Christian Science Nursing, and Alison Alioto, Christian Science Nursing Administrator, describe the support provided by Christian Science nurses. Monty Haas asked Kathy and Alison to explain the Christian Science nursing services offered by the BA, and the one theme kept coming through: expectancy of healing! Click the play button below to hear their discussion:


Kathy Glover


Alison Alioto


2 Responses to “…a conviction that this is the Christ Science that heals.”

  1. CQ says:

    For the past five days, we in Houston expected that the sun would eventually make an appearance. It did, finally, this afternoon! How cheery its rays looked. How cozy its warmth felt. It was there the whole time–hidden under dark clouds but ultimately penetrating right through them.

    So that’s my way of saying that I understand what Kathy and Alison mean by having “an expectancy of healing” at the BA. From experience, I know, blessedly, how it feels when Christian Science healing, accomplished by God, is made manifest in all its quiet strength and tender love and gentle peace!

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