[audio] Father of three finds balance and peace

Steve Okwor is a full-time Christian Science nurse here at the BA. So is his wife. On top of this they are very active in church work, and are devoted and loving parents of three young girls.

Although he’s “wicked busy” as we say here in New England, we caught up with Steve and asked him how he manages to stay so calm and joyous amid his many responsibilities.

And, of course, we wished him a happy Father’s Day! Click here to listen

3 Responses to [audio] Father of three finds balance and peace

  1. Cara Cusack-Theodule says:

    Thank you Steve for this great sharing. I love your comments about resting in action and prayer (during any down time) being fuel for your day. Happy Father’s Day and all the best to you and your family!

  2. Dave Smith says:

    Dear Steve, That is beautiful. And so comforting to know that everything you say is the truth. It’s not like we have to force the truth to be true — it IS true, and that calm in the appearance of storm is always there. Much gratitude to you for your abundant example.

  3. felix Oriema says:

    son of governor, good to know you are making it.wish you all the best and be good loving father as you have been,otherwise God is the giver and protector.Thanks for you inspiring comments.

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