Audio healing testimony: “…I had gone seeking the Christ-healing.”

Thousands of workers, guests, patients, Christian Science nurses, volunteers, and others have been blessed by the BA’s healing mission over the years. Here we offer another powerful example of the active healing ministry of Christian Science nursing. In this healing testimony read by the BA’s Monty Haas, is an account that took place here at the BA in the 1940s. 




2 Responses to Audio healing testimony: “…I had gone seeking the Christ-healing.”

  1. Cindy Ritz says:

    What a lovely and inspiring account of healing. The environment at the BA is so promotive of healing – it truly fulfills its mission as a healing refuge. I feel it everytime I walk through the doors. Thank you Monty for all your contributions to the website.

  2. Dave Horn says:

    Monty, you read this testimony with such feeling that I almost felt the healing was yours! I cherish fond memories of volunteering at the BA back when nurses had victory gardens near the entrance driveway. It has always been a haven of healing.

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