‘Meet our Christian Science nurses’ — Mark Palkoner shares his inspiration

Mark Palkoner

When Mark Palkoner graduated from the Christian Science Nurses Training School last year, we recalled a wonderful interview that he had with Monty Haas a while back. Mark shared several insights into his journey into this ministry. Listen to him share his joyous and sincere perspective on what it means to be a Christian Science nurse and what inspires him every day. In his words, he approaches each day with a “beautiful expectation of good!”

Meet Christian Science nurses
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2 Responses to ‘Meet our Christian Science nurses’ — Mark Palkoner shares his inspiration

  1. Bernice Doane says:

    I can surely appreciate the love and care from all the nurses that I met in my stay at the Benevolent Association. Mark was especially helpful and expressed much devotion to Christian Science, and to Christian Science nursing.

  2. CQ says:

    If I’m ever needing care at the BA, I hope Mark is one of my nurses!

    What a sweet-and-strong (and joyous) thought he has.

    Yes, indeed, a perfect blend and balance of the male and female qualities of God’s creating!

    I have an inkling that his wife Kristin expresses God in an equally beautiful way–as do all CS nurses everywhere! (And their patients!) 🙂

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