“…loving service” provided by skilled Mother and Infant Care

Wellesley, Massachusetts
March 2, 1945

Dear Mr. Fletcher,

For the past two weeks I have had the privilege of the [Christian Science] nursing care provided by the Benevolent Association at the time of the birth of my baby.

I cannot speak too highly of the spirit of loving service given by the [C.S.] nurses, and of the high quality of their thinking.

Mrs. C K was with me for five days. I found her to be very efficient and loving as well also a splendid metaphysician. Her knowledge of baby care is invaluable, and I shall continue to avail myself of her helpful ideas.

It has been a joy to have Miss R. C. with us. We have found her to be very industrious and capable, also very unselfed. She has a fine understanding of Christian Science, and turned unreservedly to the truth to meet every situation. She fitted into our family life very harmoniously and we shall be sorry to have her leave us.

I am so grateful that the Benevolent Association trains the [Christian Science] nurses in [mother and infant care]. It is surely an essential part of nursing care. It is such a happy experience to be able to have a baby born in the home, surrounded and supported by faithful Christian Scientists.

Sincerely yours,


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