[Podcast] Healing of Severe Burns — From the Archives

This podcast is taken from a healing account that happened at the BA in the 1970s.  From time to time we like to share the gratitude and inspiration of individuals who have experienced the BA’s skilled Christian Science nursing care throughout it’s entire 94-year history.  This individual account is read by the BA’s Monty Haas.

Up until the year 2002 when the new Christian Science nursing building was opened, Christian Science nursing services were housed in the BA’s Original Building (pictured left). Below is one woman’s account of a complete healing from a severe burn.logo 2 black

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4 Responses to [Podcast] Healing of Severe Burns — From the Archives

  1. Sarah O'Brien says:

    The verse from S & H which the testifier quoted is in the lesson this week. It is page 425: 24-26 “Correct material belief by spiritual understanding, and Spirit will form you anew.”
    This statement is full of promise and it lets us know who is doing the “forming.”
    Thanks so much for sharing this testimony.

  2. CQ says:

    What a beautiful testimony of God’s tender love and His Christ’s perfect care, and so beautifully read by Monty.

    Though I usually don’t get teary-eyed listening to or reading Christian Science testimonies, this one humbled me so much that the tears flowed.

    I couldn’t help thinking of the lines by Rosa M. Turner,
    “The Christ is here,
    All dreams of error breaking,
    Unloosing bonds of all captivity.”
    ~ Hymn No. 202/412 in the Christian Science Hymnal

  3. Christine says:

    So grateful for the sharing of this lovely testimony and proof of God’s love and care so tangibly felt in the atmosphere of the BA and the work of the CS practitioner and nurses. Yes, the Christ is there, here, everywhere …

  4. pwoodsum says:

    This healing really touched me. Another great example of the loving dedication and healing support offered by Christian Science nurses.

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