“A Look into Christian Science Nursing” Audio Chat

008 CSNT photo gallery - smallerDid you miss the live audio chat “A Look into Christian Science Nursing” earlier this month? Listen to a recording of the discussion between two Journal-listed Christian Science nurses, Caitlin Sheasley and Bob Bishop, and our host, Monty Haas.

One listener commented: “This gave me a larger comprehension of the dedication, spiritual understanding and demonstration each nurse must manifest…. Had I heard this when I graduated from college, I might have moved in the same direction Caitlin and Bob did.”

This twenty five minute chat will provide an inspiring look into the healing ministry of Christian Science nursing and answer frequently asked questions.

If you have any questions or would like to talk with us about our Christian Science Nurses Training program, please call 617-734-5600, or email inquiry@chbenevolent.org.

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