Meet our Christian Science nurses

Steve Okwor

In a recent online interview, Steve Carlson asked Christian Science nurse Steve Okwor what he feels are the biggest rewards of this work. Click the play button below to hear Steve describe his experience at the BA. He also recites one of his poems that was published in the Christian Science Sentinel.

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  1. Bernice Doane says:

    I remember Steve so well from my stay at the BA. He is a wonderful C. S. nurse, so experienced in the care work, and very interesting and friendly, and encouraging as a dear friend.
    All the best to you Steve.

    Love, Bernice

  2. Brenda Evers C.S. says:

    What a dear expression of devotion and clear understanding of Christian Science nursing! I, too, yearn for others to see the significance of this Christian ministry. Thank you, Steve, for serving in this way.

  3. Susan Hill Clay says:

    I well remember Steve’s joyful demeanor when he “tenderly tended” to the needs of patients, including my mom, twelve years ago. It’s a joy to hear from him in this beautiful interview.

    The poem Steve wrote in his September 10, 2012, Sentinel article is so dear that I thought I’d copy it here:

    “I am a child”
    I am a child: my work is to play
    And reflect my God in every way.
    With childlike trust I learn to pray,
    And do God’s will without delay!

    God’s blessings to you, Steve, and to your sweet wife in this holy work of Christian Science nursing.

  4. Loved hearing from Steve. We nursed together at The Leaves many years ago. All the best to you and Nnenna.

  5. Kathy Glover says:

    Such a lovely interview. Steve Okwor thanks for sharing this with us! Steve is such a wonderful representative of Christian Science nursing, a very sincere and loving man!

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