Video: Summertime inspiration at the Benevolent Association

We love the opportunity to publish images and video clips on this website that include photography contributed by BA staff and guests. For example, one of our Christian Science nurses, Whitney Wyndham, recently shared a few of her beautiful nature photographs with us. We were so impressed and inspired that we decided to produce a special video that includes a few of Whitney’s contributions, plus additional footage we took around the BA campus. It’s a special example of God’s harmonious creation on display here. Click the video below to watch.

While watching the video, you’ll see a mother robin feeding her young followed by a few closeups of flowers with raindrops — those were taken by Whitney. Here is what she told us about her experience capturing these images:

Whitney Wyndham is a Christian Science nurse at the BA, and contributed some of the images included in this video.

“I’ve always felt that the BA is an oasis of calm among the busy-ness and fast pace of a big city.  I love nature and I love photography, so I really enjoy the opportunities the BA campus provides for some good nature photography.  When I noticed the robin’s nest low in the tree, I set up my tripod and camera next to it and waited for two and a half hours on a 90 degree day until the mother was comfortable enough to come feed them with me sitting three feet away.  That enabled me to capture this special video, after which I promptly left and gave them peace.

“I tend to notice details, and I think raindrops on leaves and flowers can add a whole new element of beauty and fascination to plants, particularly when seen close up.  We had a refreshing summer rain, and as soon as it ended I was outside in the gardens with camera and tripod to highlight this elegant natural detail that usually goes unseen.”


17 Responses to Video: Summertime inspiration at the Benevolent Association

  1. Kristin says:

    Just beautiful!!!!

  2. Gloria Richmond says:

    Incredibly precious! I just loved it.

  3. Heather V. says:

    Thank you , Whitney, for capturing so beautifully the essence of joy I too feel being on the BA campus

  4. Dave Horn says:

    I suspect Mrs. Eddy, who enjoyed stopping by her fish pond at Pleasant View and feeding the fishes, would really love this video, aglow with Soul. Thanks!

  5. Nancy Christopher says:

    Joyful to see nature at work in this stunning, up-close way!
    Also enjoyed Whitney’s reflections on the process.

  6. Sara Barnacle says:

    I chuckled at how that rabbit chomped away in time to the music. All of Nature, busy about living its own beauty.

  7. Jan in New Mexico says:

    Just beautiful, refreshing, and inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Pat Howard says:

    Just discovered these beautiful scenes of flowers, birds and rabbit.THANK YOU for sharing.

  9. Judith says:

    Thanks, Whitney. Beautiful (: and the music complements it.

  10. Tom Fuller says:

    Very inspiring–beautiful images. Thanks!

  11. Donna Smiley says:

    The joy and beauty in this video celebrate
    the standard of Christian Science nursing.
    Thank you!

  12. CQ says:

    Bach, Birds, Bunny, Bee, Butterfly — no wonder “Beautiful” starts with a “B.”

    I agree, Dave Horn, that Mrs. Eddy would surely love these aglow-with-Soul sights and sounds hinting at God’s perfect spiritual creation.

    Thank you for sharing this “Beatitude” with us, Whitney Wyndham.

  13. Jesika says:

    Beautiful photography, Whitney! And I just love seeing those rabbits whenever I walk around the building. They are just so sweet!

  14. Phyllis W Weil says:

    Just lovely Whitney…Thank you!

  15. Robin Banko says:

    Lovely images! Thank you Whitney.

  16. Joanne Wolf says:

    Always appreciated your ability as an excellent Christian Science nurse. But never knew you had these other skills in photography. Great job! Keep up the good work.

  17. Gustel Gigi Suiffet says:

    Gigi in Colorado says: How lovely!
    This verse from Hymn 45 sprang to mind: “Such tender beauty, Lord, from Thee/ Is shed abroad o’er the earth; In bird, in sunbeam, light and flower/ Thy grace and goodness may be seen.” Thank you Whitney.
    It transports me right back to the BA and that beautiful flower-bed walk!

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