Healing your gift supports

Your gift makes it possible for us to witness an abundance of clear, decisive healings throughout the services and activities of the BA — demonstrating the essential place that Christian Science nursing has in our Church and its “spiritual foundation of Christ-healing.”

Below are examples of the healing and Christian Science nursing care your gift helps make possible:

Gratitude was the  hallmark of my healing… As I saw the tender care of the Christian Science nurses, I was fill with gratitude  — there was this lovely thread of continuity throughout my stay. It was a picture of tender, loving care that I received at the BA.

Having experienced Christian Science nursing care firsthand… I can say unequivocally how grateful I am that there are individuals representing themselves as Christian Science nurses who are ready and willing to stand with us in the demonstration of Christian Science healing.

This next quote is from a Christian Science Practitioner who expressed their appreciation for the BA’s Christian Science nurses in this way:

My heart overflows with gratitude and respect for the nurses — for the uninterrupted Christly love they unselfishly share and for the inspired understanding of God’s ever-presence which they continually embrace. The Christian Science nurses are true soldiers of Christ who soar in the trenches and who never judge a condition or situation by what they see… but only and always by what they know.



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