[audio] BA Night at the Movies, hosted by comic impressionist Steve Carlson

A good movie, like a good book, can celebrate life, inspire thought, spark discussion, and make you laugh. On March 2, join Cary Grant, Julia Child, and a variety of other celebrities (aka Steve Carlson) at the BA for some pre-movie comedy entertainment for a big-screen movie night.

Steve Carlson, a life-long Christian Scientist and a former editor for the Christian Science periodicals, will take on the role of host and “talent coordinator” for the evening. Steve’s professionally-recognized ability as a comic impressionist will shine as he introduces the 1940s film, “The Talk of the Town.” According to Steve, “You just never know who might show up.”

Recently, the BA’s Monty Haas had the pleasure of talking with Steve and “friends.” Listen to the clip below.

For more details about the BA’s Night at the Movies, click here.

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  1. Marion Harvey says:

    Great interview, Monty and Steve! I had the fun of hearing Steve not only doing these entertainment favorites but some more local ones too during a period some years ago when I also worked for the Christian Science periodicals . One time Steve and his wife Sue and Tom and I attended a Johnny Mathis “look-back” performance. After that, Steve kept working on his impression of that well-known singer from the 50’s and 60’s and told me he found Johnny’s voice one of the hardest he’d ever attempted to do.. Makes me wonder if he’s progressed on that one in the years since then… Thanks in advance, Steve, for being the “warm-up” for the upcoming Movie Night , and for your supportive comments about the BA. We look forward to a “really big show” on March 2!

    • Jan True says:

      Would love to see Steve perform sometime, especially after hearing little bits of his impressions for many years! Also appreciated his great hosting of Sentinel Radio. Keep up the good work, Steve, whatever you do.

  2. Jane Martin says:

    Hi Steve,
    Just “tuned in” out here in sunny (75 degrees this afternoon) Arizona. I so loved listening to the interview with Monty. I remember traveling out to Concord one winter night to hear you perform. It was terrific! Grateful to know you are continuing to bless folks with that good humor. With the change of the radio programs, I don’t hear you as often…but always know I am in the right place on the dial when I recognize the familiar voice. Best to you and to Sue and thanks to both of you for what you do for the BA and the CS movement.

  3. joy buster says:

    Many years ago a friend and I attended a meeting in Concord, NH sponsored
    by The Mother Church. The purpose was to inform and encourage Christian Scientists to write for the periodicals. Steve and Mark Swinney (I think) MC’d the meeting. I became aware of Steve’s talent at that event and have often wondered how if and how he pursued it. It was a delight to find out with the interview today. Thanks Joy

  4. Paula Todd says:


  5. CQ says:

    Those are smashing Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart imitations — and now that you say so, I do hear the differences in the former’s patter from his early to his later career. Very entertaining, Steve. I know you’ll be a hit at the B.A.

    What you say about “clean” comedy reminds me of a story I read tonight in the CS Monitor print edition about a stand-up comic who is the opposite of raunchy. I thought his joke about how the equivalent of cowboys and Indians in Manhattan is landlords and tenants was hilarious! :-))))

  6. Denise Reehl says:

    I don’t see the time posted anywhere of the March 2nd movie showing. Can you please tell me what time the program will begin?
    Thank you,
    Denise Reehl

  7. Char says:

    Great interview, Steve and Monty. Such pros! Steve’s appearance at a Boston comedy club a number of years ago was right on the mark, insightful, entertaining, and appealing to the intrinsic integrity of everyone there. He truly raised the bar! Of course, we were rolling in the aisles with the combined story-line, vocal and facial expression. You are a master – and such a blessing to the CHBA! Can hardly wait!

  8. Herb Dresser says:

    Steve and Monty,
    So great to hear your familiar voices – – AND other entertaining voices from the past!
    I know the movie night will be a big success.
    Very best wishes to you both and to all the CHBA family, past and present.
    Herb Dresser

  9. Bev Peake says:

    Great to hear the voices of friends Steve and Monty. Steve knows I have been a long-time fan and enjoyed his many impressions over the years. Wish I could join you on this special occasion. Maybe the BA will record it?
    Happy thoughts,

  10. Dave Sterritt says:

    A wonderful interview with a wonderful entertainer! Covers so many bases with sensitivity and humor, not to mention with Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant. Bravo!

  11. Paul Collins says:

    You gave us a brilliant performance at our wedding 25 years ago and you have only gotten better – and we are still together! What better recommendation could there be? If only more marriages could start the right way – with a performance from you at their reception!

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