[audio] Safe among coyotes

Retired Army Colonel Janet Horton was a new Christian Science Chaplain back when women had just been integrated into the military. Janet describes how spiritual ideas from the Christian Science Bible Lesson helped keep her safe from growling coyotes and unfriendly male soldiers. Hear her compelling story…

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  1. Vernelle says:

    What stands out to me is that her thoughts and her prayers led to the human footsteps needed. So helpful and inspiring. Can this be more widely shared?

    • Paul Woodsum says:

      We’re grateful for the many positive comments on this post, and will look for other ways to share Janet’s wonderful audio account. You can also click the share buttons above the post and share it with your friends — a great way to spread it more widely. Thanks!

  2. Elizabeth Arnett says:

    Love is so powerful! I can see where Janet could only feel love and how that kept fear and hatred from dominating the situation. This remained evident even with the conversations with others after the fact. Thanks Janet for sharing how using or following the messages from God are practical, safe, effective and a blessing to all.

  3. Amy Nickell says:

    I first found this on Time4thinkers.com and shared it with my daughter who loves animals. She was very inspired. We both were! Thanks for recording this!


  4. Malissa says:

    Wow, so powerful & so beautifully illustrates the wise counsel of Mrs.Eddy when she says we must address the leading error in our practice. Womanhood is not weak or vulnerable but the expression of Divine Love, wisdom, power & authority.

    Thank you, Janet!

  5. Pat says:

    Thanks, Janet. It shows that God gave man the dominion to see what was really true about His perfect creation.

  6. Robin says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this great demonstration!!!

  7. Jeanne says:

    Dear Janet,

    Thank you so much for demonstrating how Divine Love expressed in you, which inturn reflected God’s goodness in the coyotees and fellow chaplins, erasing all danger and opposition to occur and present error. Divine Love demonstrated the Truth of reality.

  8. Virginia Stopfel says:

    Priceless! Re the “dogs in the trees,” what a beautiful example of maintaining the truth about animal rather than going for what might have been a laugh. Many thanks.

  9. Janet ,CA says:

    Thank you all so much for posting this story. It also mirrors the story of Daniel and the Lions in the lesson sermon this week. This was very meaningful and am grateful to Janet Horton being an obedient servant. She KNEW she could always trust Mind. Bravo

  10. Marion H. says:

    And what a powerful story for the anniversary day of “9/11”!When we listen to God and respond accordingly, there simply are no enemies out there to intrude, threaten, or harm in any way. Thanks to Janet and to this enews publication for sharing such a clear example of this fact.

  11. Judith O. Okwor says:

    One thing is sure; likeness and unlikeness CANNOT swing together. The unreal must give way to real. Janet proves love real beyond all reasonable doubts. She is such a wonderful demonstrator!

  12. Mia Randall (Krishnaswami) says:

    I have heard Janet share this account before, but it is just SO inspiring. It proves that when we keep our thought focused on what we know to be true about God and His creation – be it men, wild dogs, an enemy – we can feel and experience the dominion over fear that we all have to prove in some form or another, Janet was like “Daniel in the lion’s den.” She KNEW she was completely safe from any threat of evil, because her trust in God and understanding of HIS power was so great.

    • Carol Marie Mendel says:

      I must tell you, Mia, that I worked with Don on the floor of the Office of the Publisher on the Trade Edition one summer. He was so kind to me when I was watering the plants and doing some other things that summer. I always appreciated his kindness and thoughtful approach to all living things including the plants.

  13. Philly says:

    Thank you Janet for sharing this inspired experience, i have listened a number of times, there are numerous helpful ideas to pick up and i especially like how you emphaize the need to listen before speaking and speaking to the dogs on their level, never condemning the men for leaving you alone, so many Christ like qualities, many thanks for this healing.

  14. ROD WAGNER says:

    God is working His purpose out, in very unique ways!!!!

  15. christine says:

    What a powerful demonstration and healing message – thank you, Janet! I so appreciate the many spiritual ideas shared, i.e. no evil report, listening for God’s guidance, seeing Love’s creation and communicating so lovingly and clearly with the “wild” dogs, no condemnation of any, etc. Will be sharing this lovely proof of God’s care with others. Again my gratitude for the sharing and for all the healing work taking place at the BA and everywhere.

  16. Carol Marie Mendel says:

    I too especially loved the idea of your listening before responding to the coyotes as well as the men. The correlation with this week’s story of Daniel in the lion’s den is a welcome correlation. This is also helpful pertaining to a call I received today to work for a cat situation. It just remin ds me how deeply I love all God’s creatures, two legged and four legged. And I’m especially grateful for your reply, Janet, about the men. Science is always timely–right on the mark.

  17. Robin Kadz says:

    Oooooh, Thank you!! Fantastic! Reminds me of the book “Kinship with all Life” which is full of similar interactions with different life forms such as a dog, a fly, ants, snakes etc. Highly recommend that book. Describes the spiritual nature of all these life forms and why/how we can communicate on that level.

  18. Barbara Carlin says:

    I listened to this when it was first posted. Was led to listen again today. It is a WOW testimony of what a proper understanding of the place of animals in God’s creation can do. I find her testimonies extremely inspiring. Hope there are more to come.

  19. Anita Walton says:

    I’ve listened to this several times. It fits in very well with a past Christian Science Journal article titled “Overcoming the Carnivorous Nature” (Barbara Cook Spencer, March 2010)m which is also a favorite. Thank you for posting this, I have shared it many times.

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